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11 Jul 2014 Article

Oddities: Seaman

This week we take a look at Seaman, a bizarre pet simulation game in which you take care of a fish-human hybrid with the voice of Leonard Nimoy!

09 Jul 2014 Article

Nintendo Post E3 Event.

We here at GameGrin didn’t manage to get a huge team to E3 this year so we were grateful to be invited to a Nintendo post E3 event to get hands on with all the new titles.

04 Jul 2014 Article

Choice in Games

Games in some way or another revolve around the idea of choice--be it Mass Effect’s story elements or in something less obviously choice driven, such as choosing when to…

04 Jul 2014 Article

Oddities: Uniracers

A new series looking back at some of the most unusual games in the history of the medium. We kick off with Uniracers, a Sonic-esque racer, but with unicycles.