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Skylanders… Skylanders Everywhere!

Many know me as a — we’ll go with frugal — gamer, who waits for sales and rarely buys a game upon release. It’s a policy that’s served me well over the years,…

Article - 18th Apr 2015 1 Read

3D Printing at Gadget Show Live 2015

This would appear to be the emerging technology, with numerous stands at Gadget Show Live 2015 all offering us a taste of what’s to come. Most apparent though, was that…

Article - 11th Apr 2015 0 Read

Mini-Games Are Fun Games

I've lost count of the number of hours spent playing mini-games in titles over the years. Chocobo racing in profile game="1110" title="Final Fantasy VII", Triple Triad in…

Article - 4th Apr 2015 0 Read