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Latest 'Linux' Articles

A Druid's Duel Preview

A Druid’s Duel is one of those fairly normal tile chessboard style games that bears a strong resemblance to Risk. Any fans of strategic battle games may find some…

Preview - 23rd Mar 2015 0 Read

Project Night Review

Let me make it clear from the start - if you haven’t read my Penumbra: Black Plague Review that I did a few years ago, then you may not know my preference towards…

Review - 20th Mar 2015 0 Read

Hand of Fate Review

Combining the collectible deck building side of Yu-Gi-Oh with the dungeon fighting scenes of Fable or Dungeon Siege, Hand of Fate combines a unique blend of card-dealing…

Review - 19th Mar 2015 0 Read

Rising World: Preview

Oh, Rising World, how you tickled my creative functionality. Throw me in the middle of the woods with nothing but an axe, pickaxe, and a few basic item recipes, and you have…

Preview - 17th Mar 2015 0 Read