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3rd May

Hints Towards More GameBoy Colour Games Coming to Virtual Console

The Australian ratings board has recently classified Harvest Moon 3 and Lufia: The Legend Returns with a 'General' rating, suggesting that these titles are headed to the Nintendo eShop on the 3DS.

Harvest Moon 3 came in 'girl' and 'boy' editions in its original Japanese release but these were combined for the American and European release in 2001. Lufia: The Legend Returns is the third title in the Lufia franchise and the first to be released on a handheld. Whilst it received mixed critical reviews this is no doubt good news for hardcore RPG fans or fans of the series.

Whilst these titles are yet to be officially confirmed, May 1st also marks the beginning of 'Mega-May', with a new Megaman GameBoy game to be released each Thursday.

Jonathan Durham – News Reporter
With a backlog that would bury a man, Jonathan writes about games to ward off the thought he might, one day, suffer that very fate.