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3 Ways To Build Yourself A Lucrative Career In Esports AD

3 Ways To Build Yourself A Lucrative Career In Esports

When it comes to dream careers, being a fulltime gamer is right up there with professional chocolate taster and luxury travel writer. After all, who amongst the GameGrin community can honestly say they wouldn’t want to be paid for spending every spare waking moment indulging in their favourite pastime? No one, that’s who, which is exactly why these kinds of dream jobs are always ultra-competitive, time-consuming and tricky to break into. But if you’ve long written off your fantasies of becoming a professional gamer, it may be time to think again.

A growing industry means growing opportunities

No longer viewed snobbishly as a mere hobby, the esports industry has catapulted gaming into the mainstream, with about 300 million people around the world currently tuning in to watch tournaments and competitions unfold. So much so, fans can even place bets and check out the latest esports odds on major betting websites like Betway, for example. As audiences grow, the amount of money involved also grows, with Goldman Sachs valuing the esports market in 2016 at $500 million. They also predict an annual market growth of around 22%, leaving the future of this up-and-coming industry looking safely bright. This financial success means there are a vast and increasing number of opportunities to make money from esports. Still not convinced you’ll ever be able to carve a living from gaming? Here are three lucrative career paths that prove otherwise.

#1: Aim High As A Pro Player

Instead of looking for general ways into the industry, why not start as you mean to go on? Becoming a professional player may seem daunting when you look at highly competitive tournaments like Dota 2 and League of Legends, but set your sights a little lower and there’s no reason you won’t get there someday. Why not kick off your dream career by entering one of Ultimo Hombres’ recently launched ‘Gamerdays’? Although the aim is to make esports in the UK more accessible to people of all ages and abilities, from families to hardcore gamers, there are still cash prizes to be won. Use it a stepping stone to build experience and confidence, and you’ll be competing in the big leagues in no time.

#2: Make Connections As A Volunteer

It’s not exactly ideal but volunteering for free (or interning, as companies sometimes like to dress it up) is sometimes one of the best ways to get your foot on the career ladder. Like it or not, the esports industry is no exception to this rule. With gaming festivals like Insomnia going on all over the place, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer either front-of-house or behind-the-scenes to gain some valuable work experience.

#3: Become An Esports Journalist

Do you have a passion for creating witty headlines, a growing online following or a talent for storytelling? Then becoming an esports journalist could be the career path for you. Put your gaming knowledge and writing skills to good use by blogging about tournaments, posting reviews of competitions or interviewing your favourite gamers. It may take a while to earn money from this option, but there’s definitely a huge audience out there waiting to read what you have to say.

Norman Sanders

Norman Sanders

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