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8 Amazing Final Bosses in Video Games

8 Amazing Final Bosses in Video Games

Contains Spoilers for Some Games

Ah, I miss the old days when video games almost always climaxed with an epic fight against a 50 ft beast of death. Nowadays, it’s either a plot-twist, a lot of enemies that seem to materialise out of thin air or a cliffhanger to make room for an inevitable sequel that clogs up our list of releases in the industry we live in today. But there are still some games which end with an amazing fight, and here is a list of my personal favourites.


8. The Evil Twins (Crash Twinsanity):

I played this game when I was younger, and I loved it. I don’t ever actually remember beating it, but when I looked up gameplay for the ending, all the memories came flooding back. Especially these guys. The giant mech which forms around them that results in eventually needing Mecha Bandicoot to finish the job is what makes this so amazing. This one holds a special place in my heart, being the first video game I ever completed. I had to get help from my dad every other minute, but I can always pretend that I did it all by myself.



7. Albert Wesker (Resident Evil 5):

That’s right, we’re going back to the Albert Wesker fight from Resident Evil 5 After the Quick Time Event segment, the actual fight was awesome, instead of just your generic ‘run-in-circles-while-you-shoot-it-in-the-face-with-everything-until-it-stops-moving’ kind of boss. Don’t even get me started on that damn button mashing section as Sheva when you fall off the path. My poor fingers...



6. The Destroyer (Borderlands):

Ah, this boss sure was a surprise. After all that build up to the vault, doing all those quests for people, and you finally get to the vault and witness its opening... only to realise its ‘treasure’ is a giant worm-like creature that kills everyone else in the area, leaving only you to fight it. The 2nd playthrough fight with it was so awesome, especially solo, and gave great satisfaction upon defeat.



5. Nihilanth (Half-Life):

This list wouldn’t be complete without an honourable mention from the Half-Life series. I still remember the shudder that went down my spine as the Nihilanth utters Freeman’s name as he enters its lair. It took me ages to master the technique of jumping at the right moment to dodge those damn portals. The sparks weren't to bad apart from when they either went through a wall or when he shoots them as soon as you teleport back to him. Either way, definitely a memorable boss fight.



4. Scorcher Gunship (RAGE: The Scorchers):

A nice addition that made up for the lack of bosses in the original game. This boss made a nice finish to the DLC. Whilst a lot of this fight for me was spent hiding behind cover from a massive laser beam because my health was so low, the boss was still fun to play and a satisfying way to stop the Scorchers.



3. Ballos (Cave Story):

Jesus Christ. This guy. The true final boss of the game. The fight itself is amazing, but the reason it’s so high up is all the crap you have to do through the entire game (without guidance from the game itself) in order to get to it. A difficult, long, yet epic boss that was a brilliant ending to an epic game,



2. The Dollmaker / Angus Bumby (Alice: Madness Returns):

Alright, the game did have a knack for making you think there’s going to be a boss fight before it’s interrupted by falling chunks of ceiling or flying trains. But when the epic moment for the fight did arrive, boy it was worth the wait, that’s for sure. The way the boss plays out shows that Alice was trying to defeat Angus (The Dollmaker) in Wonderland. This then weakens him enough so Alice can defeat him in the real world as well. During this time she is more than likely also suffering attacks from him in the real world as well as Wonderland. A masterpiece ending to the game.



1. Mental Institution (Serious Sam 2):

What’s more awesome than a gigantic metallic pyramid with wheels driving towards you whilst shooting missiles and suicidal planes? That’s right, nothing. The actual level takes an hour to get through, and once you reach the institution itself, you’ve got one hell of an epic fight ahead of you.


Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

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