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An Adventure Game Retrospective

When most people think of the Adventure game genre, they think of things along the lines of Beneath a Steel Sky, Sam and Max or Monkey Island.  However, the genre was brought to…

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Do Videogames Cause Violent Behavior?

Do videogames cause violent behavior?In 8th or 9th grade, ages ago it seems, I wrote a paper on videogames and whether or not they cause violent behaviour. Do violent games really…

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Half-Life 10 Years on

Half-Life 10 Years on

It is hard to believe that Half Life was released almost 10 years ago. In the decade that has passed it has influenced countless games and even today its' impact is far reaching.…

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The Sony PSP

The Sony PSP

Almost all of you out there have at least heard of Sony and its PlayStation franchise, and many have heard of the Play Station Portable, more commonly known as the PSP. What you…

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Where Did the Line Go

I was sitting with a friend a couple of days ago, we were talking about the new game releases and how magnificent the technology of game making has advanced through the decades.…

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