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About Free Online Games AD

About Free Online Games

It’s silly to ignore the popularity of slot machines nowadays. It is worth paying tribute - without any skills, each player can win jackpot in the slot machines, unlike blackjack or video poker. And now, this wonderful gambling game can be played for free without risking your own money.

Slots gained popularity almost immediately from the moment of their appearance. This can be easily explained: playing for money or playing slots for free, perfectly suits spending your free time and, unlike lotteries, getting a tangible faith in winning a jackpot. However, a significant portion of players still enjoy the game process itself, and does not set the task of enrichment for the acquisition of a new suburban cottage.

Popularity has slots in great demand. Demand creates an increase in software production. That’s why we have a lot of slots on different topics.

free slot machines with free spins

How to play slots?

The rules of playing slots are pretty easy, according to one of the selected lines, you need to obtain a combination of values or pictures that give a win (multiplying the initial bet). The rarest is your combination - the better the sum of your win will be. You can choose from one to three lines in classic slot machines, and from 1-50 - in the most progressive ones. At the same time, the important attributes of play is the multiplier available in various bonus mini-games (available in almost all variations of slot machines). In 90% of cases when playing on slot machines, most of the bankroll is formed due to the bonus game.

Differences in slot machine games

If you analyze the slot machines themselves, more than 80% of the games are built on the same script and principle, which is produced by various developers of software for virtual casinos with varying degrees of identity to the real standard. These include the super-popular Wild Monkey, Strawberries, Starburst, Book of Ra, Mega Moolah and many others. All these machines use the same principles of line multiplication, the same design of the machine (play, bet, line, max bet and auto play), an almost identical 16-bit electronic soundtrack, and sometimes even a common source microprocessor developer with a recorded game program. Playing in turn at each of these machines, you experience a deja vu so strong, that if you are asked to tell about each of the machines, you will begin to get confused, because all these games will blend together in your thoughts.

In the end, almost all players stop at one particular slot machine game, which was able to entice more than others. For some people it may be graphics and sound effects, for others big quantities of winning combinations available in games. Surprisingly, it is a fact: very often even the magnitude of the gain and the frequency of its loss are not a determining factor when a player chooses a particular slot machine game. And this already suggests that in the development industry of slot machines, serious attention is paid to the psychological aspects of the average player.

But, there are the other 20% of games. These gaming slots are more local inventions than copies of the gameplay of the reference slot machines. They noticeably differ in the graphics and rules of the game and the animation of the slot pictures themselves. Today, trends bring these slots to the first places due to their uniqueness and attractiveness.


In any case, each player is able to find the game that will grab his attention. However, months may pass before you can find the perfect slot machine for yourself, because at the moment the catalog of online slots is about 8 thousand games and it's constantly growing...

Christian Schmidt

Christian Schmidt

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