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Aporia: Beyond the Valley Green Man Gaming Hands-On

Aporia: Beyond the Valley Green Man Gaming Hands-On

Aporia: Beyond the Valley is a first person puzzle game, that features narrative story telling through its environment. First impressions showcased a level of polish that might just warrant trying out, even for the less puzzle inclined.

During a hands-on at a Green Man Gaming BBQ, Aporia: Beyond the Valley was available to try out with two of the developers. At first glance, this is a beautifully crafted set piece of a game. From the lighting effects and the lush green environments, it made the world feel so lived in - and yet so lonely. Aiming for environmental storytelling, the devoided movement of the forest create a unique contrast. Which left the overall narrative with sparse elements, that was to be expected. Using caveman like drawings, a narrative unfolded on events that had previously transpired in this now lifelessly lush forest. Inviting a sense of wonder with the warm glow of your liquid light lamp, that lead you down a path of intrigue. Giving you a journey, where you pick apart the small features of the soulless roads and empty rooms. Just enough is said though to create your own storyline in this is forgotten world. But idling too long might lead its own disasters as something hunts you down.

aporia beyond the valley screenshot0082

Whatever treasures are hidden, they will be found.

Limited to one of the main puzzle pieces of the game, the demo’s session neatly contained multiple mini puzzles that would lead to the end goal. Reminiscent of Legend of Zelda games with its temple designs. The design philosophy of the puzzles felt tried and tested. Without spoiling the puzzle mechanics, as they come part in parcel with the overall experience of the game. Finding a path by unlocking areas, using a finite resource as a brief guide as a temporary means of progressing, as well as your dungeon key like substitute to progress further. Those with more experience with puzzle solving, will make somewhat light work it. Which managed to surprise the devs during the hands on event. Whilst simple isn’t always the best, from what was showcased. It might have achieved a balance to match the narrative being told. Creating puzzle elements that are more of a stepping to understand the untold world, as opposed to the locking the content behind a puzzle.

With a preview build dropping imminently, a follow up to this article detailing the pacing of the puzzles and flow of narrative. But until then, be sure to keep an eye on Aporia: Beyond the Valley when it’s released by Green Man Gaming.

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