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Apothecary in Sniper Elite 3

Apothecary in Sniper Elite 3

Now… I am writing this article for one simple and pure reason. I find Sniper Elite 3 a challenging intense first/third person shooter where you have to really plan each and every move you make. Do you take out the guard and risk attracting more attention? Hide the body and waste time? Try and get a lucky shot onto someone’s grenade? Wait for the Pak 88 to shoot so the sound masks your shot? Each move is carefully considered and I proceed at a snail’s pace, crawling through the bushes as I try and remain as silent and as hidden as possible. Focusing on high value targets and so forth.

Online? Now, that IS a different story. Humans are predictable, so I often find myself going to the top of the leaderboard with around 30ish kills to about 5 deaths. So I thought I might as well share my opinion on how exactly to climb the leaderboard and reach that top spot, lording over your entire team and commanding the fire fight with precision, skill, and a dash of scummery.

So let’s get started, teamplay? Use it to your advantage. Whilst I strongly suggest running away should a teammate start shooting near you or trying to use your spot, spot with your binos! A great way to recover stamina and it marks targets for you and your entire team! Wallhacks at its finest! Before long you are climbing the leaderboard with spot assists as your team each takes out as many targets as you can whilst you ride that glorious wave and before long your team will follow suit and start marking targets of their own, making your life a lot easier when it comes to locating your next kill.

Weapon loadout? Camo Mosin or the KAR98 for sure, both are powerful and reliable guns that will take people out with lung shots, something the lower damage guns can’t do effectively. With a good enough selection of attachments each of these two weapons can really play into your own personal skills.

Take bandages and medbags of course, grenades are a requirement. How else will you flush that dirty bush wookie from his hidey hole?

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God damn bush wookies.

The rest should be mines, landmines are the best as you will often find that planting one behind you whilst you’re in a good spot or if you find a particular spot you love but find people are predicting it. Place a mine down there, either the enemy team will get the message and find themselves blown up into little bits or at the very least you will get a good handful of kills.

Now for actual shooting, take cover behind a wall is alright. I mean, it protects you for sure but if you have a bigger weapon your barrel WILL stick out of cover and expose you to keen eye’d snipers. I often find taking the German Elite costume and merely laying down amongst some reeds and staying deathly still is better. Most people will take up positions where they can cover long corridors or long empty paths for your team to walk up. Use this to your advantage, take an obscure location, such as a small ridge and watch the rooftops or high ground, eventually someone will peek and then you strike. Take a deep breath, lineup that headshot and pull the trigger.

Sure, you killed him. You’re in a good spot aren’t you? But my golden rule; Reposition! Often it’s fine to get one or two more kills from the same spot but the second you kill the same guy twice it’s time to move. Chances are he will spawn behind you or start to hone in on your beautiful spot.

I often find myself running around in a cycle, moving from spot to spot as I naturally adapt to the enemy team. Trial and error is your friend, if you get picked off quickly in one spot? Don’t go there again for a while! Different enemy teams will check different spots, so something that might seem obvious never gets checked occasionally! Don’t be afraid of death early game.

My final point is that humans are predictable, if someone uses a spot then remember it. Chances are he, or a teammate will return there. Check it from time to time, scope it out and maybe wait for a few seconds on a nearby path that leads to said spot. (Or plant a mine!) Anything to get kills!

I hope this helps!



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