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Arcane Conquers Netflix, Beats Dragon’s Blood AD

Arcane Conquers Netflix, Beats Dragon’s Blood

The rivalry between the two biggest MOBA games out there that is League of Legends and Dota 2 has been taken up a notch, with both games now debuting their animated series on Netflix. Yet, Arcane seems to be the one stealing all the thunder.

This could be partly because League of Legends has far more numerous audiences. Then again, it could be because of the arguably higher production of Arcane. Whatever the case is, it’s true that Dota 2 fans tend to bet on the game more than their League of Legends counterparts.

However, League of Legends fans seem to be driven by the more social side of matters. Speaking of betting, you may find some interesting wagers yourself at https://askbettors.com/bookmakers/betfair/

But what has predicated the success of Arcane as the better of the two shows? This is a good question. Put simply, Arcane tries to tell “less epic” stories but rather focuses on the daily lives of the heroes who exist in an extraordinary world of magic.

Yet, underneath the veneer of the supernatural, there are many common threads to pull, such as poverty, the powerful taking advantage of the weaker castes of society and other universal topics that strike home.

Arcane’s language and script are also far less aggressive and milder. If Dota2 is often a little harsher to new players, League of Legends always tries to be inclusive and inspire others to follow it. Well, this exact formula has been used to create each respective show.

In Arcane’s case, it has clearly worked as the show has quickly topped the top of Netflix’s list in not one but 50 countries. That is correct – evidently, Riot Games got something right with their show and it shows. Dragon’s Blood is still an excellent show, but far grittier, which is okay.

Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith

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