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Best PC Games with Added Features AD

Best PC Games with Added Features

Since their invention, PC games have provided players with a unique opportunity to try things they cannot do ordinarily in the real world. With PC games, you can visit different places in the world and engage in fun adventures.

From the comfort of your chair, the games will take you on a journey with detailed illustrations. There you can stretch the limits of your imagination far and wide and do unimaginable things. For instance, you can visit the casino in some of these PC games. There, gamblers and those who do not gamble can bet as part of the fun these games offer.

The beauty of games these days is that you don’t have to enjoy them alone. They come with unique features that allow you to connect and enjoy with your friends. The following are some top pick games that you can enjoy on your PC.


HITMAN finishes out their trilogy series with another beautiful game. The series closes with what you can call a game of perfection. The gameplay is almost the same only that it comes with six new maps and it puts a perfect end to the story of HITMAN that started in 2016. Like the first two parts, you explore various aspects of China, Dubai and England in the all-new game.

If you have played the first and second parts of the series, the game holds a lot of fun for you. For those who do not know the game, it’s a roleplay action title. In the game, you take the role of Agent 47, a calm and calculated hitman. However, unlike other action games where you have to run and kill lots of people with guns. Instead, the hitman moves around using maps, finds his target, and eliminates them as quietly as he can.

The beauty of the game is that you can play a map as many times as you want. As you do, you will find out that there are several ways to eliminate your targets. The fact that you can replay as many times as possible in a different way without getting bored is one reason why the game stays unique amongst its peers.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

With the Assassin’s Creed from Ubisoft, you can live the life of the Viking in you without any apologies. Join in the sails as you move across the waters from Norway to England. As you go, you will have a chance to develop settlements of your own and hunt some legendary animals. Ubisoft has the game fully packed for everyone to enjoy. Even though it is an action title, it carries some romance for those who like it.

The game allows you to play as either a male or female character. The plan is to travel across England with your clan and seek an alliance with other people from other regions. The game gets its inspiration from Anglo Saxon countries that used to exist around 800 BC. The significant part of the game is where you get to gamble on dice and you can find more gambling features here. The game called Orlog will allow you to roll dice for fun as part of the gameplay.

Ghost Runner

Ghost Runner is a first-person game that offers ultra-violence and constant motion. Do not be deceived; this apocalyptic game is not for the faint-hearted as it is both exhilarating and intense. As you try your luck in beating the game, you will see some resemblance between Mirror’s Edge and DOOM Eternal.

The game scene is a Dharma Tower that acts as a siege for humanity. Your job is to find a ruthless ruler in this tower and slice him up with your Katana. Of course, it won’t be a walk in the park. To get to the ruler, you first have to give some of his subjects a taste of your sword as you cut them till you find their boss. As you go, the bad guys will shoot you and try so many things to bring you down. It is one game you should try if you are in for some action.

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic

Fans of the movie series do not need to be told what to expect in this Star Wars game version. The Old Republic took place some years before the events in A New Hope for those who do not know.

In this massively multiplayer online game, BioWare tries to create a new story. It brings together the beautiful dialogues that we know of BioWare games, great combat and a generous free-to-play mode.

During the game, the player gets to play a mini-game called Pazaak, just like Blackjack. In the game, any player that is closest to 20 wins the round. If you can win three matches, you win the entire game. There are also other mini-games like the holographic monster chess. The game also has collectible cards that you buy as you travel through the galaxy.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Since its release in 2015, The Witcher 3 has continued to top gaming charts. It seems to be the fine wine of the industry as time only makes it feel better. The game combines the scale of Skyrim with the incredible gameplay in Grand theft Auto.

The game is so good; Forbes describes it as the best open-world PC game ever made. It brings lots of small but crucial changes to the gameplay in its previous release. The combat here in this final part are more fluid. There is a better parry system and a nimbler dodging during fights.

The game’s main highlight is its particular round that will appeal to poker lovers and non-lovers alike. Poker players would be impressed with the use of cards while others will find the need for strategy amusing and thrilling Asides from the fun and challenge that comes with it, the Gwent card mini-game allows players to move around the various sections of the game.

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