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Concept for the Next Dead By Daylight Chapter

Concept for the Next Dead By Daylight Chapter

Here is my concept for the next Dead by Daylight chapter, and it’s based on one of our most prevalent phobias - spiders. The idea behind The Spider is to be the same size in height as The Hag, but a spider in every other way. Its terror radius is the standard 32 metres and it has the same lunge as standard killers, as well as the regular 115% movement speed. The Spider attacks with its fangs and lunges forward off its front legs. Below are the Lore, Power and Perks this new Killer would offer. 

Name: The Spider
Lore: A controlled experiment in a tropical island became uncontrolled when radiation caused an explosion on a spider farm. Scientists were looking at ways to harness the venom produced by spiders and using their medicinal value to cure ailments. Unfortunately, this serious incident led to Tabitha, the most aggressive and venomous spider in the farm to react in a way beyond what could have been imagined.
While all the other breed of spiders perished on the island, Tabitha grew into a fearsome monster, killing all the scientists who turned her into such a gruesome creature. The Entity picked up Tabitha and utilised her power to its own gain.


Power: Spider’s Weave
Start with the ability to lay 10 webs that place between points A and B. Your terror radius reduces to 0 metres when laying your trap and for 15 seconds when a Survivor gets stuck in your trap. A maximum of 10 traps are able to be laid at once, and should you lay an eleventh, the first trap you lay will vanish.
My idea for this is that it works like The Trapper’s bear traps as the Survivor gets caught in them and will need to struggle out. The traps have a base range of 10 metres across without add-ons, and spiderlings will run to the trapped Survivor to add a fear factor and originality to The Spider.

Rare Add-Ons:
Thick Silk: Moderately expand the length of the Spider’s Weave.
Nocturnal Silk: Considerably increase the speed of laying the Spider’s Weave.
Venomous Weave: Survivors caught in the trap are in the Mangled status for 120 seconds.
Undiluted Weave: Survivors caught in the trap are in the Exhausted status for 120 seconds.

Very Rare:
Fierce Concoction: Trying to escape the trap takes considerably longer.
Dark Concoction: The traps are considerably darker, making them harder to be seen by Survivors.
Fresh Prey: Your speed is considerably increased when a Survivor gets trapped.
Vile Concoction: Your venomous web injures Survivors upon escaping and inflicts upon them the Broken status for 120 seconds.

Ultra Rare:
Lucid Weave: The auras of other Survivors are revealed to you when a Survivor runs into your trap.
Venomous Weave: Survivors enter the dying state upon escaping the web without help. Increases trap laying time by 5 seconds.

Prized Possession: When a Survivor successfully searches a chest, the next 1/2/3 Survivors to search a chest will show their auras to you for 5/6/7 seconds.
Predatory Instinct: When a generator is completed, the Killer gets a visual cue if another Survivor is working on another generator or totem, healing or sabotaging a hook - within 36 metres, 48 metres, or 60 metres for 5/6/7 seconds.
Bitter Vibrations: When not in a chase, the Killer receives a visual cue when a Survivor breaks into a sprint when 16, 32 or 48 metres away from you for 5, 6, or 7 seconds. This perk nullifies all Exhaustion perks when triggered.

Here is my idea for the new Survivor that would come with this chapter:

Name: Dr Jane Clarke
Lore: After hearing of the news of Tabitha’s escape from the spider farm, she consulted the necessary parties and was invited to solve the issue using her 20 years of experience as an arachnologist. Unfortunately for Dr Clarke, The Entity picked got wind of her intentions to destroy Tabitha and summoned her to his realm.

Dr Clarke’s perks are about helping others and being rewarded, but also showing inner resilience to fight back when it is necessary.

Light The Way: When you complete a generator, the auras of all teammates will be revealed to each other for 5/10/15 seconds. One generator will be highlighted in yellow for 10/20/30 seconds for all Survivors, and this generator will progress 10% faster than normal.
Salvation: After rescuing a hooked Survivor within 10/20/30 seconds of them being hooked, you gain tokens which grant an extra number of attempts to escape sacrifice on your first hook, based on how many tokens you have. If it is your second hook, entity progression is slowed by 20%.
Inner Strength: You drop a pallet on a Killer with such ferocity, the effects of pallet stuns are 1/2/3 seconds longer. This effect trumps all related Killer perks. Inner Strength has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds.

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Nathan Hunter

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