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Dead By Daylight - Top 5 Survivor Perks for Beginners

Dead By Daylight - Top 5 Survivor Perks for Beginners

Dead By Daylight is a game that appears incredibly daunting at first. In my experience, it takes a lot of gameplay and guidance before you begin to enjoy it fully. With that in mind, I have devised a list of my top five Survivor perks for new players. These aren’t the best selection in the game by far, but they can give an edge to a new player who perhaps doesn’t know all the ropes yet.

Deja Vu

What was formerly regarded as one of the worst perks in the game recently received a revamp, making it a fairly useful perk for new and old players alike. At the start of each trial, and each time a generator is completed, the aura’s of the three generators in closest proximity to each other are revealed to you for 30-60 seconds. The significance of this is that this allows you to complete generators in a more tactful fashion, as recklessly completing any generator you come across could result in the last generators being all packed together, making them almost impossible to complete. On top of this, it also shows new players where generators actually are, as a lot of time in lower ranks is spent looking for generators.

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Spine Chill

A useful perk for avoiding the Killer, especially ones that rely on stealth like The Wraith and Amanda. You gain a notification when the killer is looking directly at you within 12-36 meters. When this happens, skill checks occur more frequently and you perform actions (such as healing & repairing) 2-6% faster. A simple but effective perk for new players who find themselves constantly being snuck up on.


Skill checks can be a big pain to new players, and even experienced players can find themselves being compromised because of failing one skill check. With Technician, there is a 30-50% chance that a failed skill check when repairing will not trigger an explosion. As well as this, the noises caused by repairing a generator are decreased by 0-8 meters. The 50% chance of no explosion upon a failed skill check is a massive difference to a new player, who may be prone to missing skill checks, and is a great safety perk to use as you improve your reaction time to skill checks.

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Windows of Opportunity

Windows of Opportunity is a must have for those wishing to escape more chases with the Killer. Auras of all vaults and pallets within a range of 20 meters are shown to you. Has a cooldown of 60-40 seconds when vaulting or dropping a pallet during a chase. Through use of this perk, new players can gain a better idea of where to run when being chased, especially as pallet locations are becoming more infrequent and randomised.


A must have for almost any player, used by players of all skill levels and an absolute necessity for anyone looking to play Survivor seriously. You are given the ability to heal yourself without the use of a med-kit at 50% the regular rate. Choosing to heal yourself with a medkit is 10-20% more efficient with this perk. The ability to heal yourself without the need to find and pull another player out of the game is crucial, and allows to focus more on yourself when injured rather than worrying about finding other players.

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So there you have it, my list for the best ‘newb-friendly’ perks. Do you disagree with my choices? Believe another perk should belong on the list? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

Staff Writer

Just a guy that loves to write :)

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Platinum - 05:28pm, 17th September 2018

Nice guide there Luke :)

Sikopathic - 04:04pm, 18th September 2018 Author

Thank you very much :)