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Freebie Feelers... RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Freebie Feelers... RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Freebie Feelers is a series where we download the free monthly console-specific or newly released free-to-play games to test their worth.This series will contain some useful information as well as plenty of personal opinion. While these articles may not be reviews, we hope that you will be able to use them to help decide whether that free download is worth it.

What is it?

RIGS Mechanized Combat League, developed by the now closed Guerrilla Cambridge, is a fast paced mech game in which players control a ‘RIG’ in a fictional professional sports competition set 50 years in the future. These fast, large and heavily armed mechs are able to run, jump and shoot as well as any gold medal winning athlete. With a skilled pilot at the helm of one of these finely-tuned machines, matches are a stunning spectacle of flying metal, sparks and show-stopping goals. What's more, all this happens in VR!

rigs 01

What did you think?

As one of the release titles for the PlayStation VR, RIGS is a show of just how impressive VR on the PlayStation 4 can be. You find yourself sat down with the headset on and a controller in hand ready to get put in the pilot seat. As VR is still a new experience for many, getting accustomed and comfortable with VR can take some time. Thankfully, RIGS does a brilliant job of allowing you to get comfortable with the game and the concept of VR. As you don’t do any walking motions in the game, you can nearly avoid motion sickness in many regards. All motion of your character outside of the RIG is done with the help of a flying drone that lifts you around. Should your RIG be destroyed in a match, you will be flown into a new one, thanks to you little drone.

Moving onto the matches now, RIGS comes with both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. With a number of match types ranging from straight up deathmatches to an American football style game, RIGS has something for everyone. Running, shooting and even punching your way around the map with controls that feel natural leads to a great feeling of adrenaline. Moving your head in tandem with your hands on the controller works surprisingly well and after not much time you will find yourself controlling your RIG like a professional. Nothing beats that feeling of running up to the goal, punching through an enemy player only to then slam through the goal and win the game for the team. Thanks to the VR, you get to feel that rush as scraps of metal are flying past your face and all you can think of is just how awesome it feels.

rigs 02

Is it worth downloading?

Absolutely! RIGS is a fantastic title to have in your collection and is a stunning PlayStation VR title. Though it might not be everyone's cup of tea if you missed out on this title at release you should do yourself a favour and download it now.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League is available now as part of the PlayStation Plus lineup for September, 2017.

Nikholai Koolonavich

Nikholai Koolonavich

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