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From Lucky Numbers to Visual Graphics: Finding the Strategy to Beat a Game AD

From Lucky Numbers to Visual Graphics: Finding the Strategy to Beat a Game

Many of the world’s most popular games involve plenty of maths, probability and strategic decisions. That’s why, no matter how advanced a player is, they can always benefit from some assistance before or during a game, with these strategies often aiding their progress.
So, how do you win some of the most popular games known to man? Here are some strategies that will help provide you with an insight into how to beat your next game:

Texas Hold ‘Em
To show the different strengths of hands in Texas hold ‘em, a software engineer at Counsyl, Chris Beaumont, created some visual graphs. These are based on an inventory of approximately 1.3 trillion Texas hold ‘em hands, as well as data on millions of online poker hands.

For example, one of the graphics demonstrates how strong an average hand is over every other opposing hand, with pink squares representing hands that’ll lose more frequently than they win, and blue squares indicating hands that’ll win more frequently than they lose. However, this graphic doesn’t allow for opponents folding weaker hands, which would mean your hand won’t perform as well as the graph indicates. Other graphs include weighted hand strength, hand frequencies and example hand strengths with specific cards.

Thanks to a graphic produced by Seth Kadish from Vizual Statistix, you can now find the prime areas to hang out or stay away from when you’re transformed into PAC-MAN. In his graphic, Kadish uses a dark colour to show which areas are most dangerous as these are the furthest away from the intersections.

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He also highlights a few special areas on the board, outlining in blue the squares where ghosts can’t follow you upwards when they’re in chase or scatter modes (this doesn’t apply if they’re ‘frightened’). And finally, in the green space, you can hide out for as long as you like – so long as the ghosts don’t watch you moving into this space.

Using Your ‘Lucky Numbers’ for Other Online Casino Games
Finally, those playing online casino games may also choose to play with their lucky numbers. Although there’s no scientific reasoning or proven benefits to playing with numbers you deem ‘lucky’, many do feel as though these numbers have a certain type of pull when it comes to their chances of winning.

Across the world you’ll find a number of different cultures that have their own lucky number. For example, in China, 8 is a lucky number due to the way the word for eight, ‘ba’ is pronounced in a similar way to the word for fortune, ‘fa’. It contains a lot of other meanings, too, including high social status, success and prosperity, which is why many Chinese businessmen and gamblers favour the number 8. For example, in the 1990s, a vehicle registration plate with the number ‘8’ on it was auctioned for $5 million.

There are all kinds of strategies out there that will help you get one step closer to beating your favourite game, but sometimes you might just want to rely on those lucky numbers.

Norman Sanders

Norman Sanders

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