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Fun Games You Can Play Alone or With Friends AD

Fun Games You Can Play Alone or With Friends

With social distancing and busy schedules, you might lack time to socialise with friends and family, but thanks to technology, you can play an online game with your buddies, even though you are far from them. Regardless of whether you miss your trivia hangout or you are a competitive scrabble player, there are lots of fun games that you can play alone or with friends. After all, most people are used to hanging out virtually.

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Grand Theft Auto V

GTA is an exciting online game that you can enjoy with friends and family provided that you have an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or a computer. The game revolves around you and your friends executing a bank or casino heist, and all of you play different roles, just like in crime movies. The game can be fun when you blend armatures and pros.

Hong Kong Lottery

If you are a fan of betting and gambling, this is the perfect game for you. Considering how popular gambling games have been worldwide, togel Hongkong allows you to test your luck in one of the most interesting online lottery types. The best part about it is that you will encounter unique gambling games, each with special features and techniques. More people are into gambling, and you can play the world's sexiest live casino against friends and strangers.

Guess the Song

As the name suggests, the game involves guessing songs. It's an instrumental song version that you can get on YouTube, and all you have to do is identify the last person to name the song that you've just heard. The last person to guess has to drink; then, it's their turn to play the game. It's fun to play since all of you will end up drunk and happy.

Time Heist

Time Heist is a trivial game, and it pits two teams against each other in the battle of wits. Both teams have to pick their captain, and they are the only ones allowed to monitor the screen as the game proceeds. Your captain has to make sure that team members guess all answers to the trivia, and the questions are based on the description, category, and centuries.

Boggle With Friends

Once you shake the lettered dice on the grid, you earn some points based on the number of word combinations that you spot with the letters. The application keeps a record of everyone's score, and you can play alone or with random online opponents. All you need to do is click the Friends tab on the App, and random friends worldwide will receive an invitation link.


Magic Door

The magic door is an exciting game with nine storylines. Some of the storylines that you can play include exploring a witch doctor's spooky mansion, saving monkeys on a tropical island, and helping a princess get her crown. The game is particularly fun for youngsters, but adults can enjoy it too.

Times have changed, and so should you. With quarantine measures on everyone's neck, it's high time you grabbed your PC or tablet and enjoyed a free online game by yourself or played against friends. There are chances that you meet your friend's months to come, and these games would be a perfect way to hang out with them.

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