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Ghostwire: Tokyo — How Abundant is Meika And What's Its Best Use?

Ghostwire: Tokyo — How Abundant is Meika And What's Its Best Use?

I don't know about you, but I'm a coward when it comes to spending currencies in gaming; I never know if I'm using it on the right thing. Whether it's an ingrained fear due to using one too many premium currencies in mobile games or just natural greed, I tend to hoard as much of it as I can before I can feel safe using it. Ghostwire: Tokyo is no exception, as I hoarded several hundred thousand meika before I began spending it. This isn't so much an article about me hoarding, but more about whether you should.

Ghostwire: Tokyo's currency is meika, a golden coin that you can acquire by breaking yellow ether crystals, completing quests, and turning in ghosts through your katashiro. It's safe to say that practically anything you do in the game provides you with a bit of meika that you can spend. Does that mean that it's abundant? The short answer is no, but more so it depends on what you want to spend it on.

After having played for more than a dozen hours whilst spending the least amount of meika possible, I'd gathered around 300,000 (what? You thought I was joking about the hoarding of several hundred thousands?), yet I spent it all in less than 10 minutes and I barely got to buy half of the items I wanted.

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If I purchase this, I'll barely have enough for dangos!

So, what can you spend your meika on? The first — and possibly most tempting — thing you'll be able to spend it on is katashiro, as it will increase how many spirits you can carry, meaning you won't have to return to a payphone every couple of minutes of exploring to empty it. Then, of course, you have the consumables, dog food, arrows, and talismans; these you can buy infinitely, so you won't ever max it out. All of these items you can find in the Convenience Store and can be very useful in their regard, but aren't nearly as expensive as what you'll probably want to spend most of your meika on.

Some rare nekomata merchants offer high amounts of meika for collectibles that you find throughout Tokyo. Although the monetary rewards for these requests are great, they are nothing quite as pricey as the wares on offer. These nekomata don't sell consumables and goodies to restock on, but rather high-quality items such as KK's notes, MAGATAMA, poses, and outfits.

While the latter two won't be digging a hole into your meika wallet, the former two definitely will. As some of the rarest (and most valuable) items in the game, KK's notes along with MAGATAMA are limited resources that are indispensable due to their skill tree implications. With a moderate price of 100,000 and 130,000 meika for these items, they will likely burn through your money in no time. These items are even more useful on the tatari difficulty, as KK's notes are the only way to get SKILL POINTS.

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So, although finding meika and acquiring it is an easy task, it is just as easy to spend it at one of the rare nekomata merchant locations. Sure, the katashiro might be tempting, but by far the best use for your meika is to purchase KK's notes. MAGATAMA is a phenomenal purchase too, though I'd recommend buying it only when you are in need of them, as SKILL POINTS have more uses than MAGATAMA. There are plenty of incredible skills to unlock, and surprisingly, not a lot of them are gated behind Skill Locks.

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