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How Popular Is Cloud Gaming in Finland

How Popular Is Cloud Gaming in Finland

Since the beginning of the 21st century, technology is in the constant rise, and it has helped a lot of industries to evolve fast. The entertainment industry and its gaming sector are no different, and it probably benefited the most from these improvements. At first, gambling and sports betting markets moved online as well, and players can wager or play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes. Lately, another form of gaming is becoming more and more popular, and it is called Cloud Gaming. We are going to walk you through its key points and see how popular it is in Finland. Meanwhile, you can check the best real money casinos in Finland (which sounds pretty long in Finnish - Suomen parhaat oikean rahan casinot) at www.kantacasino.com/netticasino/oikea-raha/.

What Is Cloud Gaming?

It will probably sound weird to the new generations that the gaming started by using cartridges on gaming consoles. CD-s replaced them, but it seems like discs have been used in the past life, right? Instead of them, digital downloads were made available to gamers, and probably only the collectors have CD-s as well for some sentimental reasons, and not for being able to play their favorite game.

However, all these media needed a local system to be run on. Gamers were supposed not only to install the gaming software on their system but also that system needed to meet several technical requirements so that the game could run smoothly. Luckily, you don't need to worry about that, thanks to cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming uses remote hardware, and the servers are delivering content to whoever is trying to access it. A player does not need to download the game to the local system since the cloud gaming service is streamed directly to your device. You don't need to think about your system's configuration and characteristics since you just need a stable internet connection. Thanks to cloud gaming, you can enjoy playing your favorite game on a console, computer, TV, or mobile phone regardless of the internal hardware of your device. You just need to subscribe to the service for having access to a range of games.

Cloud Gaming in Finland

It may surprise you (or not?) that Finland is one of the key players in the global cloud gaming industry. Finnish game developers have been very successful in recognizing new markets, platforms, and business practices. One of them is cloud gaming, where the Finnish developers want to take full advantage of the new emerging opportunities.

You must have heard of Angry Birds, a videogame that reached worldwide popularity. Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish company, had developed the game back in 2015, and it is so famous that it comes pre-installed on smartphones from the most reputable manufacturers. In 2016, another company was spun out of Rovio Entertainment to create Hatch Entertainment Ltd. This has been a critical milestone since Hatch is one of the most powerful cloud gaming operators nowadays. However, instead of providing gaming streaming services for PCs, Hatch focused on mobile devices.

The company's vision was to launch a subscription-based service as opposed to the app store download model that was the primary choice for most mobile gamers. You can easily compare this approach to the Netflix or Spotify, however, the videogame streaming is much more complicated than music or regular video streaming

In a nutshell, You can download Hatch as an app to your smartphone from the Google Play Store. Players can pick between free and premium mode, and the latter one offers significant benefits. Gamers can have more than 100 premium titles at their disposal, as well as the ability to cast to the TV. Premium users can have access to Hatch Kids app and can enjoy their favorite games in an ad-free environment.

Hatch is a mobile cloud gaming pioneer, and they have teamed up with the Finnish telecommunications company and device maker OnePlus to host the first 5G esports tournament. This is also a massive boost to the gaming community in Finland. Additionally, Finland's popular YouTubers Santtu and Niko also joined the tournament to play and meet with fans.

Real Money Casinos in Finland

The Finns are well-known as the nation that enjoys gambling and sports betting as well. They have built a friendly attitude towards gaming culture, and the Finns top the European list as the people who spend the most money on gambling. Although cloud gaming and esports are quite popular, especially among the younger generation, the Finns are more focused on traditional and online casinos. Stats say that the Finns spent over two billion Euros on gambling last year, and two-thirds of that money was spent on slot machines, roulette, or sports betting. The gaming market is expected to grow further, and the popularity of online games played both on a PC or mobile device can help on that matter.

Final Thoughts

The gaming industry in Finland is expected to grow further, thanks to the reputable gaming developer companies, streaming services, and the general gaming community. Gaming is an old tradition in Finland, and that's why this industry is taken care of in this country. We can only expect further improvements and revolutionary inventions that the Finnish gaming industry can provide.

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