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How to Delete Replays in League of Legends

How to Delete Replays in League of Legends

Sometimes, I like downloading replays to experience a particularly funny team fight or learn from a mistake I may have made. Replays are a great way to learn a bit about what you're doing and re-evaluate some of your plays, but sometimes, an infrequent bug can occur.

In this case, I'm talking about the replay error bug. When booting up your replay, the game prompts you to delete it and redownload it so you can watch it. However, it doesn't really offer you the choice to delete it within the client itself; instead, you'll need to do so outright from your PC. It's actually rather simple to do, and it shouldn't take too long at all!

Essentially, you'll want to locate your League of Legends folder within your Documents folder. It's as simple as going to Documents > League of Legends > Replays. In there, you can find all of the saved replays you've created. You can safely delete the one correlated to the download you did (which would likely be the latest one), and if you don't save replays often, you can delete them all — .rofl files can't be rewatched once the League of Legends client has updated once.

And there you go! How to delete your League of Legends replays. Thankfully, it's relatively simple, so the bug won't be too difficult to bypass.

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