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How to Find your Perfect World of Warcraft Main AD

How to Find your Perfect World of Warcraft Main

Whenever a new expansion is added to World of Warcraft, both old and new players will take a different path. Prior to the expansions being rolled out, that same bunch of players need to decide on which class they'll use moving forward.

Choosing the right class is crucial in determining how the two-year lifespan of the expansion will pan out for each player. It can be the difference between enjoying WoW and letting your subscription lapse a couple of months later.

Even veteran players struggle to find their ideal class, but we've put a guide together to help you find the main that suits you best.


Understanding class fantasy

This is considered to be your most crucial part of recognising the ideal class. You might have a general idea of the class archetype that suits you in many games, and World of Warcraft is pretty similar. Whether you're someone who likes to cast spells, brawl with others in melee action or act as a friend to cute little woodland creatures, WoW has something for everyone. Go with the idea you enjoy the most, then understand what you want to get from your class. A paladin might be a good fit for you if you like the idea of pummeling enemies with a hammer while having a healing ability, but then there are many other classes that could tick all the right boxes.

Is Class Fantasy really that important?

Class Fantasy is essential in WoW, especially true when you're just beginning. At a certain point of the game, you should be overly comfortable with your chosen class, so much so that it becomes muscle memory. Before that point, it's good to understand why your character is fighting and why you're here.

Choose an archetype that you feel is a good fit, and the rest will sort itself out naturally. Don't read every ability of every character; you'll get bored very quickly! Read up on the available WoW classes, choose one that sounds fun or interesting and go with your gut.

Don't select based on specialisations

Choose the class you like the sound of that holds several specialisations, don't select the specialisation alone. Choosing a class only comes round once, but the specialisations for that class are around for good. Select a class theme such as a paladin, instead of a class specialisation like a Paladin healer, for example.

Look at the bigger picture of a Main

Look at the overall catalogue of offerings for a class instead of only reading a single class specialisation. Is it a healer? Does it provide a tank? Does it offer pure damage? Want all of that? Demonology Warlocks could be a good fit, but if you need to switch affliction are you likely to have fun? If a group asked you to would you be okay switching from Retribution to Holy Paladin? Instead of choosing one specific, check out everything a class has to offer. Once you've chosen your main, there are places that have cheap WoW Gold in stock which you might consider while scouring the World of Warcraft realm.

Why choose a class in the first place?

Blizzard has made a total of 12 classes available to WoW players, gearing each of these classes and levelling them can take hundreds of hours alone. Players should think of selecting a class more like keeping with the same saved game in a Bethesda title than that of trying out each character of a fighting game.

Once you select your main, it will be the character you spend the majority of your time with, and although you can start over with another main, that will burn you out and waste a lot of game time.

Overall, don't take the class selection decision lightly; consider all of what we've told you first.

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