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Let's Waste some Words on Browser Games AD

Let's Waste some Words on Browser Games

Web browser games became a thing soon after the emergence of Adobe (then Macromedia) Flash. Ranging from simple puzzles and word games to complex shooters, RPGs, and the like, browser games have become - and gone beyond - the go-to casual gaming experience for millions of players all over the world. Unfortunately for some - especially developers and owners of browser gaming portals like Kongregate and others - the smartphone has taken over as the go-to casual gaming platform today. Besides, Adobe's Flash is losing support from every part (even Adobe has announced that it will phase out the product by 2020). Does this mean the end of browser games? Well, the answer would be "no", if the platforms below will have a word to say in it.

Real money gaming

Back in the day, to play at an online casino, you had to either download a nice piece of software on an unreliable and slow dial-up connection or wait for the CD containing it to arrive by snail mail. Later, thanks to Adobe's Flash, the majority of Red Flush casino games were released in browser-based versions, a form in which they are still available today. Even later, as the Red Flush and its likes expanded to mobile platforms, a new solution was needed to deliver the games to players - the Red Flush Mobile, a fully fledged, HTML5-powered version of the service was born. Today, the Red Flush Mobile works on any smartphone, no matter which operating system it runs - through a mobile browser.


While its use is far less widespread than that of Flash, Unity seems a viable alternative to it. The platform can be used to build browser games, mobile games, and desktop games, too, both for PC and consoles. It is a tool used by many developers, amateur and professional alike. It is free for personal use. Unity is a versatile game engine that's used on many levels and platforms. Among others, last year's hit Pokémon GO was developed using the engine.


Airconsole is the next generation of web browser gaming. It is a platform that allows players to play their favorite games in a browser window, using their smartphones as controllers, much like they would do with traditional consoles. The number of games available through Airconsole is limited at this time - it's a young service, after all - but their variety is amazing. Players can choose between platformers, turn-based shooters, racing games, and many others that they can play together in a local multiplayer system, all using their smartphones as wireless controllers. It can be used free of charge but it also has a premium version, for $2.99 a month, that filters ads, unlock exclusive content, and offers prioritized access to new games. Airconsole supports games built in HTML5, Unity, and Construct, and provides developers with an API they can use to integrate their games with the system.

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Christian Schmidt

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