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Preview of the Next Deus Ex Game (Based on a Dream I Had)

Preview of the Next Deus Ex Game (Based on a Dream I Had)

Dark and dingy metropolitan alleyways filled with steam and flaming barrels, everyone wearing trench coats, rats the size of Yorkshire Terriers - it must be The Future™.

Most of the previews you’ll read, the writer has been shown the game in private, at an event or has been given a code for the game. Well, this Deus Ex sequel one is a little different because Square Enix didn’t give me a code, and they didn’t present it to me. No, I didn’t steal the code and install it on a secret computer in the attic, I actually just dreamt about it - but man do I want this game!

The title is unknown, and the protagonist is you the player. It’s made even more immersive because you’re playing it through a VR headset. The portion of the game I played (again, in my dream) was set in an alley where random pipes leaked steam around the place. It was the (dream) tutorial, and I was told some stuff I don’t really remember.

Then I was given a book - the name of which wasn’t important - and a huge rat wandered by. On a whim, I swung the book at the rat. It collided, and the (dream) rodent’s health bar went down a bit. I then spent the next five minutes chasing the creature whilst swinging the book wildly at it.

Up to now the (dream) graphics had been amazing, very realistic even compared to the Deus Ex Mankind Divided which I thought were fantastic. I hadn’t come across any of the augmented/cybernetic stuff thus far, but I had to assume that everyone’s long trench coats were covering that sort of thing.

Honestly, I’ve not played many VR games before, so I was really quite surprised at the quality of the (dream) sound design. Looking back it was nothing too spectacular, so I am guessing that the whole experience was just impressing me more than I realised.

Well, back to this rat that I was trying to kill with a book. I’ve no idea why I thought that the book was the best weapon to do it, though perhaps I just hadn’t thought to let go of the trigger on the controller. Quite frankly, however, I had had enough. I wanted the dog-sized rodent dead, and wasn’t going to let it’s Evasion stat save it.

So, I dropped the book and grabbed the (dream) rat. As I squeezed it’s neck there wasn’t much feedback from it. I applied more pressure, but then the play session ended. Actually, I woke up, very confused about what I had been dreaming about, and why I had been so damn angry at that rat.

The next Deus Ex game isn’t yet announced, and is presumably coming out sometime in the future from Square Enix one would guess. You’ll probably find it on PC and consoles.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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