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Six Ways to Get Free Games and Win Real Money in 2020 AD

Six Ways to Get Free Games and Win Real Money in 2020

Online game providers are increasingly offering their games free of charge, from puzzles and arcades to Battle Royale and casino games. In most cases, though, there’s usually a catch forcing you to spend money after playing a game for a while.

In this article, we’ll explore free games you can play and win real money. That means casino games such as slot machines. For the uninitiated, slots are simple to thrilling games that could reward you generously if you are lucky enough.

Registration Free Games

When you register an account at many online casinos, you’re eligible to receive exclusive bonuses. Some operators give you money—say $20 you can use to play several games. Others let you play a few games 10-20 times.

Should you accept these offers? Registration free games have only one catch. You must provide your email address and create login details. That’s a simple condition compared to what you could earn by playing free games.

For starters, many casino free spins are worth real money. One spin could be worth 10 cents or 50 spins. However, you could win up to 5000x times your stake. So, let’s say you use a spin worth 50 cents and win 100x your stake. It would be the equivalent of 5000 cents (50 x 100) or $50.

Of course, casino games are based on pure luck. You could play 10 games and fail to win. Or you could play once and win. Due to that, it’s essential to find casinos with the most generous offers to help increase your chances of winning.

There are over one hundred no deposit free spins operators online. Most of them also provide some of the bonuses we shall highlight below. So, continue reading to discover what other free games you can claim from them.

100% Matched Offers

You probably know about matched offers. You buy one product and receive an extra item free. In the casino space, this bonus applies when you make your first deposit. Let’s say you top up £20 in your account. A generous operator could give you £20 as a bonus.

Many casinos don’t let you withdraw the bonus money. Instead, you use to play a variety of slots and card games free of charge. Each website’s matched offer varies. But in many cases, the first deposit comes with a 100% reward.

Similar to no deposit free spins, matched bonuses are pretty simple to find. Bonus review websites are the best places to find them. Casinofinder.io is also a great guide. The latter is particularly straightforward. It shows you the money and lets you grab these bonuses instantly.

Beware, not all deposit bonuses match your money 100%. Some could give you more or less cash. Despite that, the most important thing is to get great value from the bonus. As such, read the terms and conditions of each offer and decide which one to pick.

Reload Bonuses

You know how you spend money on videogames and receive free skins? The equivalent of that in casinos is reload bonuses. The only difference is that you receive these rewards only if you’re a loyal customer.

That means first time players aren’t eligible for reload free games. Instead, you must have spent money at the website in the past. That said, reload bonuses are relatively small in size. For example, you could receive a 25% deposit bonus plus 30 free spins. In contrast, a first-time customer could get a 100% deposit bonus plus 300 free games.

The beauty of reload free games, however, is that you can receive them regularly. Some casinos give you free games each weekend. Others offer you a top up reward daily. Over time, you earn more free spins from reload offers than the initial welcome package.

Join a Loyalty Program

Plenty of gambling websites have programs to reward loyal customers. It’s a competitive industry after all and every operator wants to have the most loyal client base. In many casinos, every becomes eligible for loyalty bonuses after their first deposit.

The precise bonuses you receive varies from one operator to the other. On one website, you could receive a point for every $10 you spend on games. Others use a charge bar system or might offer you real money through their affiliate programs. The latter is pretty lucrative and you could make thousands of dollars marketing casinos.

After some point, your charge bar or loyalty points earn you free spins and betting credits. At the best casinos, you receive money you can withdraw instantly. That’s a big deal because you receive free cash as opposed to free games that might not result in actual money wins.

Participate in Tournaments

Almost all online games have competitions through which winners receive free stuff. In videogames, you earn weapons, cars, skins or in-game coins. In the casino space, tournaments come with free spins or real money prizes.

So, how do casino tournaments work? Naturally, you have to play casino games. Some websites give you betting money so that you don’t have to use up your money. However, most tournaments involve using your cash.

Because casino games are based on luck, there’s little you can increase the odds of winning. You can play more frequently than others or choose your games wisely. But at the end of it all, it all boils down to how lucky or unlucky you are.

Become a VIP Players

VIP casino players are in a league of their own. They spent insane amounts of money on slots and card games. But they also receive free games galore. It’s not unusual to receive up to 50 free spins weekly for being a high roller.

On top of weekly free games, VIP players also tend to receive account managers, fastened withdrawals and more dedicated customer assistance. When it comes to tournaments, high rollers compete alone.

Importantly, the rewards for high rollers are much more bountiful than what regular players get. For example, some casinos give VIP tournament winners supercars, vacation getaway tickets or tens of thousands of dollars.

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