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Star Trek: Elite Force II Diaries Part Eight

Star Trek: Elite Force II Diaries Part Eight

This is my exploration of Star Trek: Elite Force II where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. Now let’s continue Star Trek: Elite Force II…

Lieutenant Munro’s personal log, supplemental. While aiding the colony on Taravar VII we had gone underground into the city’s sewer system…

While trying to find a way to hook back up with the rest of the Hazard Team, I came under regular attack from Exomorphs which either appeared from nowhere or burst through walls. We had been told on the surface that the sewers were reinforced, so this was extra frustrating… Plus, I had to have my night vision activated almost the entire time!

Elite Force 2 262

After several minutes, I restored power to a door and in that room used a console to open some gates. However, it was then just the same thing — tunnels, Exomorphs, Exomorphs, gantries, Exomorphs… I finally found my team, but the gantry collapsed and took me down into the sewage, along with a pretty beefy Exomorph. I’m not sure why the others didn’t fire at it, but once I finally managed to kill it all by myself, I activated a ladder and climbed back up to the others.

Just through a single door, we located some of the survivors through some bars. We were told that there were hundreds, and we found three if that tells you how successful we were… Following another tunnel, we were ambushed by some Exomorphs, but they hadn’t posed an issue for me solo, let alone with my team actually firing. I blew open a door and we spoke to the Attrexians, where we learned that an Idryll had convinced many of the others to go to the waste reclamation centre on the surface.

Elite Force 2 265

I told the rest of the team to escort the three survivors to safety while I went after the others. So, I dropped a ladder with a console and climbed up. Before reaching the top, everything shook and the way behind me became blocked, but Jurot confirmed that they were all fine. Exiting into a courtyard, I killed three Exomorphs which was a surprise, as it was a wide area. However, upon going through a small building I was then attacked by a bunch of the creatures!

More waited outside for me, or arrived with their personal propulsion devices, as I headed towards the waste centre, including one of the big ones that had prevented me from entering the sewer in the first place. Once the way was clear, I entered the centre which was infested with Exomorphs. The main elevator was depowered, so I had to carefully walk between jets of flame whilst on a moving conveyor belt so that I could reach a console to bring the power back on. This also summoned more Exomorphs, but they arrived one-by-one and comically all walked under a piston which I used to smoosh them.

Elite Force 2 273

Since the flames were no longer intermittent, I had to use a new hole in the floor of a control room to go down a level, kill some ambushing Exomorphs, and then climb a ladder to reach the elevator again. While it did go up a few floors, unfortunately, its power went out and I had to shoot a loose plate on the floor. Using a careful drop, I was able to land on the lip of the doorway below me and hit the button to open the door. Of course, there were more of the creatures waiting for me…

There were few doors that would open for me, so my only way across was to jump across some pistons which were next to each other, using them as platforms to reach the other side and a door that would open. After shooting a couple of larger Exomorphs, I went through a door and into a ladderwell where one of the turret-type creatures was. I used the ladder to climb up and then shot some more creatures, before finding myself outside a room filled with gas. It was clearly deadly gas, as I watched an Attrexian die through a window, so I put my tricorder in Trace Gas mode and quickly phasered the emitter shut.

Elite Force 2 279

As there were two functioning doors, I found a golden starship behind the one on the right, and an exit through the one on my left. I also found a dying Attrexian, who tried to warn me about the Idryll, but it sounded more like he was angry that they weren’t here dying while he was in one of the shuttles that they had escaped on…

Exiting the facility, I went down on a lift just as a shuttle was taking off. However, it didn’t get far as something hit it and it started to crash land. I couldn’t watch the event, however, as it was actually a huge Exomorph that hit the shuttle, and it attacked me so I had to dodge out of its way. Once the way was clear, I used an elevator to reach the ground level, then killed some Exomorphs and opened some big doors. Frustratingly, there were a whole bunch of the creatures waiting for me!

Elite Force 2 282

Another building stood between me and the crash site, so I opened the doors and had to kill a turret-type before I could go through. And what awaited me, but more Exomorphs! Some of the beefy ones, too, which expended a bunch of my ammo. Following the street around, I located the crashed shuttle, with my own shuttle parked directly above it. Cm. Stockman confirmed that there were no lifesigns in the area, so they had either died on impact or had escaped, and I had her beam me aboard the shuttle.

The others were already aboard, and Jurot reported that some Attrexians were inside a nearby communications tower. Taking a gamble, I had her patch me through and asked for Inigor, the lead Idryll from the first Exomorph factory. Apparently, he had known all along that Krindo had purposefully turned the creatures into killers, despite having promised the older man not to do it. Luckily, he knew exactly where Krindo was. I had assumed Krindo was aboard one of the ships that had attacked Enterprise, but it seemed I was wrong.

Elite Force 2 285

Reporting to Cpt. Picard, he told us that we would have to make our own way to the coordinates using the shuttle, as Enterprise was still undergoing repairs. I took the travel time to check my total enemies eliminated, which stood at 538, with a 39% accuracy rating.

Upon arrival at the planet, Stockman reported an electrical storm just as we were hit by it, sending us into a crash landing. After I regained consciousness, I discovered that Stockman was the only injured person, and the storm meant we couldn’t signal Enterprise for help. I told Chang to repair communications, Jurot to keep Stockman stable, and Korban to stay guard. The Klingon gave me razz for always going off alone, so I ignored him and left the shuttle.

Elite Force 2 289

Entering the marshland nearby, it actually transpired that we had crashed close to the coordinates we were aiming for. Unfortunately, it required a circuitous route to reach, as I came under sniper and mortar fire, as well as being rushed by Idryll on the ground. Luckily, I was armed with my own sniper rifle, which made things a little safer as my projectiles moved faster than theirs. I reached the facility and took care of the guards before heading inside the gates.

Guards patrolled, so I took them out as required, but a mortar took out a bridge, meaning that I had to repower a second bridge. This became easier after I sniped an explosive next to the mortar launcher. After crossing the bridge, I followed a path to the left and had to deal with more of the same: guards, snipers, and mortars. A shuttle sat on a landing pad to the right, but my way forward was across a guarded bridge to the left. Once the way was clear, I started to cross another bridge, but a rocket hit it, and it plunged me into the water below!

Elite Force 2 3

Waiting for me was a creature which my heads-up display labelled a Leviathan — and no sooner had I killed it when two more were freed from behind gates on either side of me! It was a tough time, but I won out and approached the exit, only to be confronted by three armed Idryll, and knocked unconscious…

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