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Star Trek: Elite Force II Diaries Part Seven

Star Trek: Elite Force II Diaries Part Seven

This is my exploration of Star Trek: Elite Force II where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. Now let’s continue Star Trek: Elite Force II…

Lieutenant Munro’s personal log, supplemental. While responding to a distress signal at Taravar VII, we had been attacked by Idryll and were being boarded…

Transporters and turbolifts were down, which meant I would have to either climb up to the bridge or get them reactivated. I ordered all Hazard Team members to fend off the invaders as I left the transporter room, and Korban requested assistance in the Deck 8 cargo bay. Since I was nearby, I narrowly avoided a hull breach and entered the cargo bay, helping shoot the Idryll. I say helping, but I’m pretty sure I did all of the shooting…

Elite Force 2 218

Once I had climbed up to the upper gantry, we fought off more Idryll before Korban locked down the cargo bay. However, the computer announced a security breach in main engineering and sickbay, and with all of the doors sealed with force fields, that meant I had to leave via the Jefferies Tubes. As I went, Jurot asked for assistance in sickbay, so I headed that way, though a rupture in a conduit prevented me from getting too far. Although, it did blow out the side of the tube and allow me to drop into the room below.

Tuvok asked for help defending the corridor right outside the room, so I did before he told me to use more Jefferies Tubes to help Jurot out in sickbay. Well, the only reason I wasn’t already on my way was to help him, so…

Elite Force 2 220

To make matters worse, when I exited the Tubes into the armoury, Jurot called to hassle me! I shot two Idryll before hurrying into sickbay to shoot more of them. Once the waves of troops died down, Jurot unlocked yet another Jefferies Tube for me to get down to Engineering. The tube let out into a cargo hold with two Idryll hiding inside, and more waiting to jump me just outside.

As I reached Engineering, a blast shutter was closing off the main entry so I had to go around to one of the side doors. Lt. Barclay ordered everyone to evacuate as the warp core was overloading! Except for me, no, I had to remain behind and help Barclay to fend off Idryll who were beaming in to plant explosives! Both the upper and lower levels were swarmed by transporting aliens, though Barclay was at least more helpful than Jurot had been.

Elite Force 2 227

Once the coast was clear, engineers ran in to do engineer things, but asked me to use my tricorder to bleed energy away from the core. Not having a background in engineering, plus the fact that I had been aboard for barely two weeks, I didn’t know where the energy distribution panel was, so that took me precious seconds to locate… However, warp core disaster was averted.

Murphy called from the bridge to say that I was needed, and luckily Barclay managed to get a nearby turbolift working, so I headed up. Upon arrival, I threw a rifle to Picard, as he’d requested, and we immediately came under attack from Idryll who were transporting in. Despite having told me that she was on the bridge, I saw no sign of Murphy which made my task harder, but not impossible, and soon enough the Idryll assault was routed, just in time for Tuvok and Murphy to arrive in the turbolift.

Elite Force 2 234

Tuvok set up a dampening field to prevent further invasions, and Krindo called to ask for our surrender. When it became clear that Picard would rather blow up Enterprise, Krindo cut contact and dispatched some vessels to attach to our hull. They began to hack the ship systems directly through the hull, and disabled self-destruct. The captain ordered me outside to repel the invaders manually, since Tuvok could do nothing from the bridge, and I headed out. I had eliminated 430 enemies with 36% accuracy.

There were three sabotage devices, each one shielded as well as guarded by three Idryll. Much to my surprise, I found a sniper rifle in my personal transporter buffer, which made dispatching the Idryll a lot easier. If I dared to get too close they had weapons which could potentially push me off of the hull and into space, especially if they hit me while I was mid-jump. However, I was able to hack all three of the sabotage devices, but with the Idryll ships still nearby and Enterprise’s weapons still offline, it was up to me to defend the ship. Thankfully, not with my sniper rifle, but with the Auxiliary Pulse Phaser Batteries, a turret which I had to man from my position outside of the ship.

Elite Force 2 245

Fighters strafed us while larger ships carried out bombing runs, and I was under orders to not destroy the big ones, just disable them. It took some doing, having to destroy incoming torpedoes as well as pick off fighters and carefully strike specific sections of the big ship, but I was successful.

Not giving me a moment to catch my breath, Picard congratulated me and told me to defend the colony on Taravar VII. I was beamed to a shuttle which already held my team of Korban, Chang and Jurot, and we landed at the colony. Jurot confirmed Attrexian and Exomorph biosigns, so we went over a bridge, but found the gate shut. Even blasting it didn’t help, as Jurot noted that two different control panels had to be activated at the same time to open it. So, I had to go back across the bridge and use the second console before making my way back.

Elite Force 2 249

Some Exomorphs took this opportunity to damage the bridge and attack us! Well, me. The others just let me fight them off in what was becoming an increasingly frustrating regularity…

Once I was back with the team, we fended off some Exomorphs, but since the gate was shut I had to climb up to a ventilation shaft and make my way through to the other side. A large Exomorph attacked me when I got there, as well as a new type that attached itself to the underside of a gantry and fired at me. A few more creatures turned up after I killed the first two, then there were some more up a flight of stairs.

Much to my annoyance, the second gate also required two people to activate. Now, heaven forbid a member of my team crawls through the shaft that I had, now that the way was clear, no, I had to find an Attrexian on my side to help open the gate…

Elite Force 2 250

I located some dead and dying Attrexians in amongst the Exomorphs as I followed the path, but then I heard someone calling for help. Blasting open the door, I found two Attrexians, one of whom was injured. Rather than ask the uninjured one for help, I decided to try and locate a different one, which as luck would have it was just around the corner, hidden behind some crates. We headed back to open the gate and I fought off Exomorphs while he complained about them attacking for three days. Our being ambushed in orbit probably hadn’t helped us get here any sooner…

With the gate open, I led the team back to the injured Attrexian, and they in turn led us to the sewer entrance, where hundreds had apparently taken refuge. I told the others to go on ahead for reasons I’m uncertain about, but no sooner did I press the button to open the door and join them, when a huge Exomorph basically landed on top of our guide! I had to kill it by myself before discovering that its impact had taken the door offline. With no obvious way to repower it, I had to use some debris to smash a hole through the ground, which I used to drop into the sewer system.

Elite Force 2 256

Unfortunately, we were separated by some metal bars which were too thick to cut through with our current equipment, though the gap between the bars was probably thick enough to pass through. However, we started looking for a way to meet up…

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