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Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries Part Four

Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries Part Four

This is my exploration of Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. Now let’s continue Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force…

Ensign Munro’s personal log, supplemental. After retrieving samples of an isotope called isodesium, Cm. Murphy had been abducted…

After heading down in a turbolift, I went through some doors and found a bunch of Terrans sleeping on the floor, tables, chairs… As I continued through the deck, I encountered more sleepers, but at least two were actually awake and playing 3D chess. As I passed by some doors they tried but failed to open, creating a racket that the two went to investigate while I hid in a hallway in the opposite direction. They decided to get something to eat, leaving the area clear for me to explore.

Elite Forces 71a

In one of the quarters, I deactivated a force field using a console and made my way through an engineering passageway to the deck below where the ship seemed to merge with the Bird of Prey. However, the Klingon section held no interest for me, as main engineering was just through a Terran door! There were three crewmen inside, one just behind the door, but a handy ladder to my right gave me a look in at the others.

While I was considering how to proceed, one of them called to Spider — who I had heard named before in a way that suggested he was disliked — and told them not to throw a crossover yet. Spider assured that things were under control, and the third one started talking about Murphy! She was being held in sickbay, so I finally knew where to rescue her from. Spider was left alone as the other two headed for the Klingon section, so I climbed down and vaporised Spider with my phaser rifle, then hit some buttons on a control panel, which caused something to explode!

Elite Forces 73

Making my escape through a Jefferies tube, I encountered more scuttling alien creatures and destroyed them before climbing down into a hallway. While I couldn’t hear anyone talking or moving, I remained stealthy and when I opened a door and was spotted, I thankfully wasn’t attacked on sight. After managing to evade the crewman who came to investigate what they might have seen, I almost blundered into two more! However, after they split up, I was able to vaporise the remaining one and nip into the room next to where they were patrolling.

It was clear that there were too many Terrans between me and sickbay, so I called Lt. Foster to let him know. However, while he was telling me to fall back, I noticed some uniforms on hangers and had an idea…

Elite Forces 77

Dressed in one of the Terran uniforms, I explored a bit more freely as other crewmen just saluted, if they paid attention to me at all. The ship itself had been severely damaged, and several sections of the deck had collapsed. There was one area with a large, red cross on the floor which I chose to avoid when some of the debris shifted.

Finding my way to sickbay, the doctor ordered me to fetch some truth serum from the other room to use on Murphy, but instead I grabbed some tranquiliser and injected the doctor! Freeing Murphy from her restraints, I told her to pretend to be my prisoner so that we could try to sneak out, though she said it probably wouldn’t work. Unfortunately, it was our best idea.

Elite Forces 79

Sure enough, we quickly encountered four Terrans in what appeared to be a combination bridge/waste reclamation system. I attempted a bluff… they saw through it and we had to fight them off. Down a short hallway was a cargo area with more Terrans, but rather than attempt to pass Murphy off as my prisoner again, I told her to sneak past them while I distracted them. Unfortunately for me, my adlib skills were subpar at best, and just as they were realising that someone came over a ship-wide announcement that I had killed the captain, resulting in a fight.

As I headed for a lift, I realised that the area had become a bit more Klingon, meaning that I was back aboard the Bird of Prey. This was confirmed when I entered a familiar cargo hold, but I didn’t have time to think about the massive circle I’d travelled in, because the Hirogen Alpha was waiting for me! I had thought they were after Odell, but clearly, I was mistaken.

Elite Forces 87

The fight was brutal, as the Alpha had some kind of rapid-fire weapon and a personal shield which took a lot of punishment before I could land some direct hits. Eventually, they fell and commended me for being a worthy foe, and I grabbed the tetryon pulse disruptor they had been using. Some Klingons started shouting from one of the doors, wanting to be let inside before cutting their way in. This led to me fighting my way back towards the bridge, and the extraction point.

Foster gathered the isodesium and told us to activate the transporter pattern enhancers. As soon as they were on, four Borg drones transported in! We were caught by surprise, but managed to shoot one before another grabbed Foster with its assimilation tubules and beam back out, taking the isodesium too! To make matters worse, the confrontation had killed Cm. Lathrop…

Elite Forces 93

Returning to Voyager, Tuvok dismissed Murphy and chewed me out for not killing Foster to secure the isodesium. He went off to speak with the bridge crew, and I had to prepare my report. Unfortunately, no matter where I looked for a “functioning computer terminal to extract information” as my objective demanded, I couldn’t find one. However, I did overhear Cm. Jurot badmouthing me to Cm. Chang in the lounge, because “someone” must be to blame for the Borg suddenly appearing. Cm. Jaworski, at least, had some good news for me as he had heard that Odell was going to be fine.

In the locker room, Cm. Biessman was more upset that the Borg were even in the ship graveyard with us, less so that they had killed Lathrop. Murphy told me not to blame myself, probably because she was there and saw what happened unlike Jurot… I nipped in to see Cm. Oviedo who said that he was working on the Infinity Modulator, which was good timing as we’d be facing the Borg soon.

Tuvok finally called me, telling me to report to Astrometrics. As I was near the turbolift, I went straight there and happened to catch the same car as the lieutenant commander himself. As we travelled to deck eight, he revealed that I was now in command of Hazard Team, and that we were being sent to the Borg cube.

Elite Forces 97

In Astrometrics, Captain Janeway waited with En. Kim and Seven of Nine. They had located the cube which was heavily damaged, and had worked out where the isodesium was likely being kept. That was our priority, but we were also allowed to rescue Foster if we happened to find him, and to aid us in stumbling across the lieutenant, Seven had set a route that would take us past an assimilation chamber. Whether he was in that particular one or not would be sheer coincidence.

Elite Forces 100

The room emptied, with Tuvok basically telling me that I had best not screw up again. I headed to the transporter room to gather my team, and wait for Seven of Nine to join us…

Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries
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