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Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries Part Three

Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries Part Three

This is my exploration of Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. Now let’s continue Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force…

Ensign Munro’s personal log, supplemental. A trip over to an alien vessel had given us an ally, but as a precaution we were beaming back to sickbay…

Everyone was safe, though the Doctor had a couple of the Hazard Team on biobeds, and when I spoke to him he used a hypospray to inject me with an analgesic cream for some minor skin irritation. I was then to head to the Hazard Lounge on deck four, so I hopped in the turbolift.

Elite Forces 50a

I found Cm. Chen and Jurot sat enjoying a meal, which had been hand-delivered by Neelix. There was no food for me or the rest of the team, and after checking that those two were enjoying their food he left and wouldn’t speak to me! The other two ignored me as well, so I just headed for the locker room where several of my teammates were talking about the mission before Cmdr. Chakotay summoned us to the briefing room.

Chakotay and Lt. Foster told us about the space station that the Etherians called The Forge, which was the reason for all of the ships being stuck in this region of space. Then, about a rare isotope called isodesium that was capable of creating energy in the dampening field, so we needed some to get main power online — except the closest isodesium was aboard the Scavenger base. The image on the screen showed a mash-up of vessels, and two stood out: a Klingon Bird of Prey, and the saucer section of a 23rd century Federation starship.

Elite Forces 52

The list of species making up the Scavengers were Malon, Klingon, Hirogen, and Terran. I wasn’t sure why Foster simply said “Human” when the display had clearly shown “Terran” — if the computer could discern the difference, surely he knew too. Though perhaps the briefing didn’t have time for a discussion on how people from the so-called “Mirror Universe” got to the Delta Quadrant.

A team of five were being shuttled over to the base by En. Paris, since there was a transporter inhibitor field in effect around the base. Foster and Cm. Lathrop were going to set up and guard an extraction point, while Cm. Odell, Murphy, and I snuck in and grabbed three samples of the isodesium.

Grabbing some weapons, Cm. Oviedo told me about the new compound grenade rifle, with tazer grenades and magnetic charges. He suggested trying it out in the holodeck, but we needed that isodesium so I headed for deck 10. A crewman told me that they were having issues with a docking clamp holding the Delta Flyer shuttle in place, so I went to see if I could be of help. Of course, yes I could, and Foster sent me down the lift where suddenly some pipes ruptured and creaton gas began leaking into the compartment, killing a crewman. Hurrying through the gas I was able to shut it off and since I had no way of putting on my helmet first, I was left with less than 10 health.

Elite Forces 54

In the next room, I disengaged the docking clamps and exited into the hanger, where I was congratulated and nobody mentioned the corpse I’d left behind. We boarded the shuttle and flew over, then gained entry to the base through three separate airlocks. Foster reminded us that it was a stealth mission, and since I only had nine health I knew that was even more of a requirement for me than anything else. Once inside, Lathrop set up some transporter pattern enhancers and I headed into the Bird of Prey.

Up a ladder I found a sleeping Klingon on the ship’s bridge — it was a little different in design from what I’d seen before, but it had a big chair and a viewscreen, so I assumed it was the bridge. Using a console near the door, it opened and I carefully entered the hallway as Foster warned about two more lifesigns. One was asleep, the other was pacing the hallway, so I had to carefully avoid them to reach the next corridor. Odell called to check in from the Malon section as I entered a cargo area which had at least one Klingon on a gantry above. I was alerted to them because of an alien creature scurrying past and getting blasted by the warrior.

Elite Forces 62

The Klingon left but I had no way up until I shot a support beam which brought down some cargo, allowing me to use it as steps. I was surprised that the noise didn’t bring people running… However, I realised that I hadn’t properly explored the lower level, so went back down and through a doorway in the rear, where I found a lone Klingon operating a console. Fearing that I wouldn’t be able to sneak past them, I used the silenced sniper function of my phaser rifle to vaporise them, then climbed the ladder just past them. Another Klingon was there, so again I vaporised them, while Murphy called to say that she was aboard the 23rd century Federation ship, and that it had strange markings that she wasn’t familiar with. Foster shut her down and told her to concentrate on the mission at hand.

My route took me over the top of the mess hall, where some Klingons were complaining about the food they had stolen from Voyager. A lone warrior wandered the hallways ahead of me, but was far enough away that I could vaporise them and continue unseen. I had spotted some isodesium, but was unable to reach it, so had to activate a control panel to unlock a door. Reporting in when I had my first sample, I headed back to a previously-locked door and dropped down into a sleeping area occupied by one snoozing Klingon. Exiting the room, I followed the hallway past the mess hall and to a ladder.

Odell reported that he’d found bones and felt that he was being followed. With Hirogen aboard the base, it was entirely possible, so he was going dark for a bit. The hallway ended in an area full of crates, consoles, and Klingons. It took some manoeuvring but I was able to get past unseen and, upon entering a ventilation shaft, I found my second isodesium sample. Snatching it alerted some Klingons, but they didn’t think to come down and check it out. As I climbed a nearby ladder, Murphy called me asking if I could divert power away from her position, and as luck would have it Lathrop knew that I was in the engineering section and should be able to do exactly that. But what was I looking for? Apparently, I’d know it when I saw it…

Elite Forces 63

Sneaking up another level, I activated the one console that no Klingons were near, and admittedly it looked out of place there, like something I’d expect to find aboard the 23rd century ship. Two Klingons wondered what had happened, so one left to speak to someone in the cargo bay — giving me ample opportunity to sneak along behind him. The Klingon confronted some Malons about the power drain, so I had to wait for them to finish bickering before some of them finally left and I could get by without being seen. As luck would have it, my final sample of isodesium was just sat in the corner out of sight, so I grabbed it and reported my success.

Foster rerouted me into the Malon section to try and find Odell, who still hadn’t reported back. As I entered the section, the difference was obvious from the noise alone, even ignoring the design and lighting. Sneaking into a crawlspace, I was attacked by some of the alien creatures that I had seen in the Klingon cargo bay, though they fell easily to my phaser. Leaving the crawlspace, I had to make my way over some kind of toxic liquid and up a ladder, and into another crawlspace.

Elite Forces 67

Entering a noisy area with several Malon guarding it, I managed to sneak over to a control panel which deactivated the pump causing the racket. The Malon all went down in the lift to check it out, so I activated another panel which electrocuted the engineers from the sound of it. I wasn’t going to go down and check, so I left through a now-open door which actually took me back into the room that I had just crossed. The liquid was higher now, which had raised a crate to give me a new platform to jump across.

In the next area, I encountered two Malon who were waiting for someone, presumably Terran or Hirogen. By dropping inside of a pipe, I could avoid them both, but unfortunately stepped in some toxic liquid. Thankfully, I had refilled my health by this point, so it didn’t immediately kill me!

Coming out of the pipes I found some more of the creatures and shot them, then climbed up a couple of ladders to yet another crawlspace, which took me above some Hirogen. Apparently, the Alpha was on a hunt — presumably Odell — and when I went down to sneak past them I was immediately spotted. No wonder that species were hunters, they had eyes in the back of their heads it seemed… A lift took me down a level where I shot more Hirogen before hopping up into a crawlspace, where I found Odell!

Elite Forces 69

He had been ambushed and his equipment taken, so I beamed him back to the extraction point, though since he had only secured two samples of isodesium, it was up to me to get his third. Exiting the crawlspace, I walked into the ambush that had been set for me, killing some Malon as well as Terrans who were in what appeared to be a shuttlebay across a chasm.

With the area clear, I reported that I had no way to reach the isodesium on the other side of the chasm. Murphy confirmed that she knew where I was, as she was just there (and didn’t grab the isodesium…) and that she would use the control room to give me a way across. However, just as she did so, two Terrans knocked her out and took her away! After some jumping and climbing, I had the isodesium and had a look around for a way to reach Murphy, so I entered a turbolift…

Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries
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