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Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries Part Two

Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries Part Two

This is my exploration of Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. Now let’s continue Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force…

Ensign Munro’s personal log, supplemental. After the USS Voyager was attacked by an unknown vessel and transported to a mysterious sector of space — and it was being boarded!

Taking a turbolift to deck eight, Cm. Chang met me at the door and shoved a phaser into my hand. The Doctor was treating an injured crewman and told me to speak to him if I needed treatment — which I did, since several consoles had exploded at me. However, he refused to treat me until the crewman had been beamed away…

Entering the loading dock, myself and a few others joined the firefight currently in progress. From what I could tell as I shot the pirates stealing our supplies, it was a collection of Klingons and Malons. Some of our cargo was beamed away, but we repelled the invaders before Lt. Foster was summoned by Lt. Cmdr. Tuvok to cargo bay one, so I was ordered to accompany him. Heading up a lift, more pirates beamed in and I shot several of them before we headed through into the cargo bay.

Elite Forces 24

More of our supplies were beamed out before we could finish them off, but they stopped coming and whatever was left of them flew off in a shuttle. Tuvok was ordered to the conference room while Hazard Team was gathered in Hazard Operations.

Later, Tuvok briefed us on the situation: Voyager was surrounded by disabled vessels, and an energy dampening field in the area was draining the ship’s systems. Weapons and propulsion were both offline, so we were going to try and gather as much information as possible. Apparently, the pirates had some humans amongst them, though I hadn’t spotted any during the battles.

Elite Forces 28

Hazard Team was being sent to check out an unknown alien vessel which seemed to be having no power issues, and had no lifesigns aboard. Alpha Squad was beaming into Control Room A with Foster, while Beta Squad was being led by me and beaming into Control Room B. We were told to gear up as we were leaving imminently.

While I was in the armoury with Cm. Oviedo, I decided to give a training program a go in the holodeck: High Noon. Taking the form of an Old West shootout, I was honestly a little frustrated at how accurate the holograms were… Afterwards, I nipped into the team’s lounge for a look, then reported to the transporter room.

Beaming onto the alien vessel, we found ourselves exactly where we wanted to be, and Chell started trying to download from the terminal. Alpha Squad contacted us but while they were on the comm we heard an alarm trigger before phaser fire started! Murphy told Chell to ignore what was happening to them, and just start the download — so an alarm went off in our section, too.

Elite Forces 31

We were attacked by what appeared to be the nucleogenic lifeforms that Voyager had encountered about a year prior, as they were capable of flight, appeared out of nowhere, and were really angry at us! After we fended off the assault, Chell reported that he had the data, but Foster told us that the ship had raised its shields and communication with Voyager had been cut off. He told us to meet them at “section 29” and we headed out through a door that Chell opened.

Following the path, we entered a large area with what Chell said was possibly a transporter, as it had an isophasic signature. We were almost immediately attacked from behind, so I courageously hopped into the “transporter” and appeared on a similar platform on the other side of the room. Unfortunately, through the next door was another room with a swarm of the aliens eager to remove our faces. I did notice that they seemed to be appearing from certain objects which I could destroy, so I made a mental note to try blasting them to prevent reinforcements.

Elite Forces 33

In the next room, another teleporter sent me into the room below where a few more aliens attacked, but that led us into a room blocked by a locked door. Since there was a weird, ladder-shaped construct in the middle of the room, I climbed it and walked around to access a control panel, opening the door. It also did something in the room that we started in, so after shooting some ambushing aliens, we completed our circuit of the area. And were ambushed again.

The problem with destroying the devices which seemed to produce the aliens, was that there were some fireflies that repaired anything that I destroyed, whether on purpose or accidentally. So, I couldn’t stop the aliens completely, but at least I figured that I could probably use this to my advantage in some way before this ordeal was over.

Stepping into the transporter that I’d made appear in the room, it took us to a hallway and then a room with multiple orbs firing energy blasts at us. There were also what appeared to be jellyfish along a curved ramp and since they looked suspicious, I made sure to shoot them all before I got close to any. At the top, another teleporter delivered us to section 29 where we met the other squad, who were on a ramp above us.

Elite Forces 40

Foster said that they knew of three places we needed to disable to take down the shield. My squad was tasked with taking out the main computer core while they destroyed the backup power systems, then we’d reconvene at the main power core. Alpha squad left and when I tried to get the jump on the aliens teleporting in by destroying one of the emitters, they started appearing from the others in the room before I could even find them to destroy them. After the fight, I located an alien weapon — weird as they didn’t appear to have any way to hold them, and could fire energy blasts from their tails — and grabbed it. It was called a Stasis Weapon, but I would have to wait to use it and find out whether it was any good.

Leaving the room, Murphy decided to take point and we were ambushed. The Stasis Weapon did splash damage, so I decided against using it too much near my teammates. When the coast was clear, we went up a ramp and Murphy approached a transporter, but an energy field activated and she disappeared!

Elite Forces 41

While we feared the worst, Chell scanned and found no trace of Murphy — though he didn’t scan the energy field for some reason. I blasted the “pearl” that had appeared to activate the field, and it disabled allowing us to cross to the transporter, but first I wanted to check out the opposite way, where of course we encountered more aliens before arriving in a large room with a console of some kind on a higher platform, but no stairs or lift up to it. Clearly, the transporter would get us up there, but at least this way we were able to deal with the aliens beforehand. There was also a drone of some kind that I destroyed before it could attack us.

Sure enough, upon returning to the transporter it took us to the platform, and when I touched the console it activated another transporter. This was a frustrating way to get around, I must say. At least it took us to the computer core, where some control panels changed the object being displayed from the ship, to the graveyard that Voyager had been taken to, to a planet we assumed was the alien’s homeworld, and finally a space station. Chell accessed a console and opened a door for us to leave, though in the next corridor a veritable flood of aliens flew at us, trying to prevent us from reaching the next floor.

Elite Forces 43

In the room at the top, more aliens attacked as well as another drone, and in the following room an energy field covered the floor. Unable to see the “pearl” from my position, I hopped onto a transporter after shooting some jellyfish, allowing me to locate it and blast it. More aliens tried to hold the corridor, but we finally accessed the main computer controls, and I powered it down. Foster’s team had just completed their task, and he asked where Murphy was, sounding clearly dismayed when I reported her death. However, suddenly they were swarmed and communications were cut!

As Chell and I continued on with the weight of the mission square on our shoulders, I shot some jellyfish and noticed some fireflies hanging around an unused terminal. We were swarmed again, only this time Chell managed to shoot the transporter that we needed! But at least I knew where to find some fireflies, so I led them up the hallway with some destruction, and they had soon repaired our way out. Or, rather, our way up because the transporter just took us up a level, where more aliens came at us one-by-one given the cramped hallway.

Elite Forces 44

However, at the top was another story as a drone fired at us while aliens came at us from a few emitters! When the way was clear, however, Chell reported that a console had to be activated and kept active so that the force field at the top of a ramp would remain open. Unfortunately for me, that meant dealing with the swarm of aliens in the next room solo.

Two transporters later, I found myself in a room with an energy field on the floor and fireflies hanging around next to the “pearl”, so I had to coax them away with some wanton destruction to allow me time to get past! As I approached the end of a hallway I located Foster who was fending off some aliens and once they were gone I joined him on the route to the power core. We passed over the top of Chell’s position and shot a bunch of aliens, finally entering a room with a bunch of stasis pods inside.

Elite Forces 48

To our surprise, we found Chang, Biessman and Murphy in three of the pods! The aliens committed to a full assault as we tried to cross a seeming chasm, but I lucked into stepping onto a transporter, which took me to the core. Foster joined me, but as we approached the console an alien appeared in front of us, speaking English! Or, at least, a language that our universal translators could work with that wasn’t just screaming.

The alien begged us to not disrupt the power, as it would bring their people out of stasis. We had invaded, and when they appeared to try and talk to us, Foster’s team opened fire — so they had been defending themselves all along. I blamed Biessman. The Etherians (the alien race’s name) had merely captured our people to learn the language, not harm them. Their colony ship had been stuck in the starship graveyard for 25 years, and called the area The Forge. They were more than happy to share information now that we were asking for it and lowered their shields to let us get back to Voyager. Foster called the captain and asked for us to be sent directly to sickbay…

Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Diaries
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