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Surviving the Steam Holiday Sale - Day Four

Surviving the Steam Holiday Sale - Day Four

The Steam Sales are something that we all anticipate with equal amounts of excitement and fear. How many awesome games will be reduced? How many of them will I have already paid full price for a few days before? Will I end up spending my life savings on games I never looked twice at before? We’ve all been there, and the Holiday Sale is no exception.

With a name like Holiday Sale, you almost feel compelled to buy stuff, you know, it’s the holidays, you deserve it, right? Of course you damn well do, you made it through the year! Only problem is, you’re already in debt from all the presents you had to buy for family and friends, and the random people you drew in your work’s Secret Santa that you spoke to once that time by the coffee machine. So seeing all these great deals come up becomes a bit of a balancing act. It’s almost like an equation really.

Where X = happiness:

X = (Game you really want + Great deal) > Amount of debt you can afford to bury yourself in.

Sometimes though, you have to draw the line, and for me, this is one of those times. I have well and truly tightened my purse strings, about to attempt something that may not even be possible: surviving the Steam Holiday Sale without one purchase. Every day, as I browse the sale, I will do so with the goal that I cannot buy anything, because I simply cannot afford to. The best part is, you guys will get to watch me squirm as I let the games slip through my fingers. So whether you want to support or mock, come join me on my tortuous journey!


Day Four:

tomb raider 2013 new wide
Okay, so I'm now in a bit of situation. Yesterday was a pretty crap one, Steam Holiday Sale-wise and I was truly gutted at some of the awesome games at minuscule prices. However, after reading my article some of my friends bought me Age of Empires II HD because they are made of awesome and wanted to cheer me up before Christmas. Also, another friend had a spare code for StarForge and sent it my way. So all in all I feel like I kinda can't complain about any more games that are out today, cos I've been a bit spoilt by my lovely mates.


TOMB RAIDER FOR £5.99 IS JUST TAKING THE MICK! I actually hadn't seen much from the game until very recently, when I saw some of the footage from VGX, and holy crap it looks amazing. After that I vowed I would own a copy when it came down in price. Of course when it's cheap as chips I'm not allowed to make it mine. Of course. 

I'm not really bothered about the rest of the games on sale today, I already own the ones I'd want to play (despite having not played some of them yet), and even the ridiculously cheap deals aren't calling out to me like yesterday's selection.

So in summary:

Feeling guilty as friends bought me pity games.

Feeling annoyed that I can't buy Tomb Raider.

If you don't have Dragon Age: Origins you need to buy it now. Like right now. Why are you still reading?


Steam Holiday Sale 2013
Emsey P. Walker

Emsey P. Walker

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Emsey is a lover of games and penguins. Apparently she does some writing too...somewhere...

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