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The Best Adaptations of Classic Arcade Games AD

The Best Adaptations of Classic Arcade Games

The world of arcade gaming may have moved on to other segments of the industry, but many still yearn for the experience that only the arcade can offer. Chief among the videogame mediums that still holds close ties with the arcade world is the online video slot space. Having evolved from their slot machine counterparts, online video slots have swayed many a player to their reels, through some of the best welcome bonuses on offer and plenty of great adaptations. Below, is a list of the top video slot adaptations based on classic arcade games.

Super Mario

Everyone’s favourite Italo-American plumber might be a household name today, having featured in countless Nintendo video games and becoming the main mascot for their brand. Yet there was a time when this nameless plumber was just a protagonist in the hit arcade game Donkey Kong. Since then Mario has taken over the world and made his way into the world of video slots.

With Mario’s Gold, Proprietary Games managed to take hold of one of gaming’s most iconic characters and adapt his experience to the video slot medium. The 5 reels that make up Mario’s Gold are filled with familiar sights and characters, from bouncy turtles to nasty mushrooms and pretty princesses. The slot manages to capture the look and feel of a Mario game, using the right visuals and audio to immerse players into the Mario universe they know and love.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

When Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was released in 1991, it revolutionised the videogame world, ushering in a new age for fighting games and pushing the bar for multiplayer games. Street Fighter II became more than a simple arcade game, it was a pop culture icon that left its impact on all who experienced its brilliant gameplay. The game’s popularity moved the series into the spotlight, with a film adaptation being made and many music releases directly referencing the influential title.

This year saw the release of the game’s video slot adaptation by giant video slot providers, NetEnt. In their adaptation, NetEnt managed to recreate the game with incredible accuracy in the slot format, you can play some of them also here. The slot version walks players through the same motions that the original game did, complete with character selection and battles that take place on these nostalgic reels. Between battles, players will even get the chance to take control of their character and take part in one of Street Fighter II’s most iconic moments… smashing up a car.

Space Invaders

Perhaps one of the most famous and recognisable arcade games ever made, Space Invaders landed in 1978 and took over the arcade game space. It has been re-invented and remastered countless times, with the original considered one of the most relevant games to ever be released. Space Invaders helped take the videogame industry from a simple novelty form of entertainment to a global market that had unlimited potential.

With such a history and popularity, Playtech set about creating a video slot adaptation of the classic. The result is a gorgeously realised, nostalgic trip that finds the right balance between honouring the style of the original and implementing the somewhat different video slot functions. The slot presents us with an arcade machine that places the reels in similar fashion to the original game’s setup, mimicking the same gameplay which so many people are used to. The slot is a great adaptation and one which will appeal with the countless Space Invader fans around the globe.

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