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The Industry Spearheading Mobile Gaming AD

The Industry Spearheading Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming and online gambling are both on the rise as the pair both share a mutually beneficial relationship. The accessibility of new online casinos like www.sloty.com/en-gb via mobile is causing a rise in the number of people who gamble online, thus creating more revenue for the online gambling market, however, because casino sites are so accessible, avid gamblers are spearheading the rise of mobile.

The main driving force behind rising mobile gambling is down to the availability of mobile platforms compared to desktop and even land based casinos. Gambling via a smartphone is far convenient than having to visit a land based casino and far cheaper, though it is also far more convenient than desktop gambling in the sense that you can do it anywhere. The majority of the population now have a smartphone, with recent studies suggesting that over 60% of the world’s population now has access to a mobile device of some form as technology continues to advance, this is guaranteed to increase in the foreseeable future. This is something rings more true in the developed world, it is unlikely that you wills tumble across a teenage, adult or even adolescent that does have own a smartphone and as expected, the increase in the number of smartphones and their users has had a direct effect on how many people are choosing to access online casinos via their smartphone or tablet.

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It’s no surprise that developers of casino games have used such an increase to their advantage. Nowadays, mobile gaming affords players access to a host of gaming opportunities from their very fingertips. So long as a player holds a strong internet connection via Wi-Fi or even 4G, they can access any game they wish from anywhere at any time. And this is becoming such a popular way to gamble that brick and mortar casinos are noticing the effect, of course few casino sites will compare to the bright lights of Las Vegas or the glamour of Monte Carlo, though they do remain more convenient and cost effective. A host of casino sites have turned to the multi billion dollar gambling industry in a bid to increase revenue, retain existing players and attract new customers.

The majority of leading casino sites have realised the value of mobile gambling and have taken steps to improve their options, thus increasing the number of mobile customers and in turn, increasing mobile usage. Mobile gaming experiences in regards to gambling are now on par, if not better, than their desktop versions in terms of both quality and gameplay. Bigger screens on smartphones and tablets have allowed this as mobile players can now view the site as clearly as possible and navigate the site as if though they were playing on desktop.

The availability of cheaper 4G options and public Wi-Fi have also helped to increase the number of people using mobile to gamble. Data is now cost effective and widely available, thus gambling on the go is easier and cheaper than ever before further increasing the rise of mobile.

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Norman Sanders

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