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The Most Helpful Google Chrome Extensions for All Users AD

The Most Helpful Google Chrome Extensions for All Users

Nearly two-thirds of all internet users prefer the Chrome browser, but far fewer people take full advantage of its capabilities — applications that make it not just good, but wonderful. If you are just such an unwise and inexperienced user or only superficially familiar with browser extensions, take a look at these helpful extensions for Google Chrome.

Unlike other browsers, Google Chrome offers its users a variety of extensions that sometimes are better and more useful than some applications. If you add or install these extensions, you can improve your activity and forget about third-party applications. Download Chrome Offline Installer and make your activity more productive with these simple extensions and plugins.


If you've ever watched Google ads follow you around the web and back, then you know how annoying your online tracking can be. Ghostery is a great way to see which services sites use to track and collect information about you. This plugin creates a small icon with a number indicating how many trackers each site uses. For example, in Wikipedia, they are zero. Most other sites use at least a few. You can see how they track traffic and then block services that you don’t like.

Save to Pocket

This handy application allows you to save what you want to read later. It does not require an internet connection, saving copies of web pages for later reading. Save to Pocket also recommends stories based on the preferences of other users to whom you are subscribed or those that interest you. For someone who opens a million tabs to read them all eventually, this is the best way to postpone reading a story for later.



To use the application for a password manager, you must first install a password manager, so do it. All major programs - LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password, KeePass - offer apps for Chrome, which makes them easy to use. Browser applications act as a quick control center to populate passwords, generate new passwords, and save new data to your manager. And although password managers can work without applications, constantly switching back and forth and switching to a separate program will be inconvenient when working online.

The Great Suspender

In this list, you will find many solutions for works with tabs, but for most users, the best is The Great Suspender - a plugin that “sedates” for a certain time any tabs that are not currently in use. This is very convenient when you have 10 or more tabs open. Returning to the open page, you need only one click to “awaken” it. The application also allows you to create a list of tabs that are not worth freezing.

Animated Tabs

The best extensions improve our lives thanks to useful trifles. Just such a trifle is the application "Animated tabs." As soon as you install it, the application automatically loads a randomly selected gif in the center of each new tab that you open. The only drawback of this application: you never know when it will generate something not suitable for the working environment or just stupid.


Do multiple opened tabs annoy you? Try installing xTab! This application limits the number of pages that you can open in your browser window. Just set your limit and go about your business. As soon as you exceed the established limit, the extension will begin to reduce the number of open tabs, automatically closing the old, rarely opening or least recently used tabs. It also does not allow to open an excessive amount of tabs.

Use Backspace to Go Back

Google has removed this function of the “backspace” button because it caused a typical Google problem: users lost the work done in network applications. Typing in the text field of the browser, the user hit the "backspace" button in the hope of correcting a typo and sometimes accidentally found themselves on the previous page of the browser, nullifying all the efforts that they had spent in the last few minutes. But imagine the perturbation of millions of Chrome users after the last update, when you click on the "backspace" button, suddenly nothing happened! Fortunately, someone realized our difficulties and just a few weeks later released this extension, restoring the functionality of the button.


This application was developed by the Stanford research group, studying the interaction of man and computer, to help those who suffer from internet absent-mindedness (most of us?), to control their online habits. Once the application is installed, it will ask you to identify the sites where you would like to spend less time. Then HabitLab will keep track of the seconds, minutes, and hours you spent and display them in clear tables.

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