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The New GTA Casino: Why Have Countries Banned It? AD

The New GTA Casino: Why Have Countries Banned It?

Grand Theft Auto is one of the world's most popular and successful games ever since it came out in 1997. The franchise has managed to sell over 110 million copies since then. This is partly because of its authentic in-game experience that has attracted players from all parts of the globe. The game has also given rise to numerous expansion packs and stand-alone entries that have caught the world by storm.

The exhilarating game continues to make waves, especially with the Diamond Casino and Resort's recent addition located somewhere in Los Santos. This new entry allows gamers to engage in various live casino games online, such as poker, virtual slots, horse racing, and roulette. As a result, the game has been restricted in almost 55 countries worldwide. Some of these countries include:

  • China
  • Argentina
  • North Korea
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Portugal
  • Israel
  • Cuba
  • Qatar
  • Venezuela

The Diamond Casino Has Actual Casino Games

Any gamer that is above 18 years of age can find their way into the Diamond Casino. While there, they can use actual money to buy their way into these virtual entries with in-game chips. The holdup is that the money they earn from winning these games isn't convertible to real cash that you can withdraw. You can only use your winnings to purchase in-game commodities like vehicles and weapons.

The game's transaction exchange rate is set at $7 for up to $500,000 worth of in-game currency. As a safety precaution, the game has also set a limit to restrict how much you can transact every hour while at the Diamond Casino. However, there is a problem with this arrangement when you factor in various betting regulations. It gets messier when you start considering that it is real money that is exchanging hands. The countries that have banned the game consider it as illegal online gambling contrary to the land laws.

Gamers Cannot Access In-Game Chips in the Restricted Regions

GTA Online Casino Exterior 1280x720

Gamers from the banned countries reveal that the most they can do are walk into the diamond casino and look around. They can't buy chips for gambling, as there is no provision to do so. The reason behind this are the geo-restrictions put in place by the game's publisher, Rockstar Games. The publisher is estimated to have sold over 4.7 million copies in North America this year.

The restriction works by engaging the game's software to pinpoint the exact location of a gamer. After that, the game then determines if the region is one of those that has restricted the game. The player cannot make any transactions at the Diamond Casino, and as a result, cannot engage in any of the casino games.

Mixed Responses and Feedback

There have been mixed reactions to this new addition to the game. First, a section of gamers believes that it should have stayed without the gambling aspect. Another group of gamers argues that this new addition brings excitement to the game, creating a unique experience. Although this is the case, some argue that it would be best if it didn't involve using actual money but rather get rewarded for achievements garnered through the game.

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