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The Silver Hand Riddles and How to Solve Them

The Silver Hand Riddles and How to Solve Them

**This guide contains mild spoilers for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One**

Every case in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One feels like so much fun to beat. I was thrilled every time Sherlock or Jon mentioned something that might maybe lead to a quest, and this was just as true for The Silver Hand Riddles. I mean, who doesn't love riddles, pirates, and their treasure?

So of course, when Jon climbed the hand and read the riddle on top, I was exhilarated to venture forth and find what the pirates of old had left us. I can only imagine—given that you searched for this article—that much like me, you got lost. Well, fret not, for here are the answers for all three Silver Hand Riddles!

Quest Start

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The quest start is actually present in the Old City district. To get to it, you will need to go to the top-right part of the district, in the little square area where Scarlet St and Arnaut St meet!

There, Jon will climb the hand and talk about a riddle that is engraved. He will then urge you to try to solve it. Of course, we’re all fans of riddles and puzzles, otherwise, we wouldn’t be playing this game, so what else would we do!?

First Riddle

The first riddle is the easiest of the bunch. You must find the crossing between Eurus Rd and Crooked St, look towards the mosque, and walk until there are stairs to your left. At the bottom of the stairs, there should be a well which Jon so kindly decides to bathe in. Pin the riddle, enable focus, and on the well should be a fake brick that leads to the second riddle.

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Second Riddle

Ahh, I was stumped on this one. It said I was seeking an arc made of stone, and I mean, there was an arc right there, present! How on earth could that not be it?

I was too early in the game to have explored the Old Ruins area, which is at the bottom-left part of Grand Saray. When I was on my path, I immediately found the "stone arc". As with the last one, make sure to pin the riddle and use focus, which should lead you to a movable rock. Once you do, the third and final riddle should be present!

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Third Riddle

This one should be easy. Head through the stone arc, and take the first right you find on the road. Near the top, there will be a tree to the left that will have the reward! I won’t tell you what the reward is so that you can experience the thrill and the verbal exchange between Sherlock and Jon once you do!

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That should be it for the Silver Hand quest! Did you like it? Which riddle stumped you, if not all? Let me know, let’s talk about it! I love hearing other people’s experiences.


Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

Staff Writer

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