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Time on Frog Island Full Guide

Time on Frog Island Full Guide

Time on Frog Island can be a bit puzzling, with the frogs only vaguely explaining what to do with each item. To remedy this, I wrote a guide to complete the game.


First, I won't be going into a step-by-step guide depicting exactly where every item is unless it is particularly difficult to get; this is to make the article shorter and thus easier to read. Instead, I'll use four guidelines to indicate different parts of the map (main island, west island, east island, mountain) and the general cardinal direction of the item is in said area. So if I say east side of the main island, you'll know it isn't so far east that you'll reach the east island.


Starting Off — The Shrub


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At the start of the game, you'll want to get the captain's most prized possession: his shrub. Acquiring the shrub is relatively simple and works as a tutorial for the trading system you'll be using throughout the game. Go up, try to take the shrub, and the artist will cuss you out (as artists do). To retrieve your shrub, return to the beach where your ship is stranded, get the orange liquid you woke up beside (totally rum because sailors are alcoholics!... no?), and give it to the artist.


Return the shrub to its location on the ship, and the captain will finally realise that the entire thing is a mess; you'll need to acquire a rope, a sail, the wheel, and repair some wood on the side of the boat. 


Going to Bed


20220725234140 2


When the captain gets tired at night, you'll need to prepare everything to head to bed. It is unfeasible to expect him to have a good night's rest without first starting a fire, setting the sleeping bag beside it, and placing his shrub in a rock nearby. Naturally.


You'll need to do this every night, as the fire will turn off. The first set of wood will be easy to find (it'll be neatly stacked beside the campfire), but afterwards, you'll need to look for more. On the surrounding beach (or sometimes in the water, in my case), you'll find three pieces of wood that'll work thenceforth.


Repairing the Boat's Port Side


20220725232553 2


This step is straightforward: you must go into the water and retrieve two wood planks on the floor. Grab these, place them on the port side, and the ship should be repaired.


Getting the Sail


20220725234220 1


After you finish the two objectives, the rest of the day will be pretty useless, as Frog Island was a rather peaceful place before your arrival. And by that, I mean to say that crime rates go up immediately after, and everything falls into chaos. The artist, however, continues doing his thing, and this time decides to paint a gorgeous scene... ON THE SAIL!?


After talking to him, he'll ask you for a blue maggot-looking creature. These creatures are located on the far east side of the main island when it isn't a rainy day. They turn the colour of the fruit they eat, so you'll need to grab a blue fruit from the farmer's garden... only, the diva stole his scarecrow heads, and now crows have overrun the farm.


There are numerous fixes to this problem.


  1. Although the crows eat the crops every day, you can get any fruit on a rainy day and stow it away near your house to ensure it survives. By grabbing a blue fruit when it's raining (or even on the first day, before the diva steals the scarecrow heads) and placing it in your home, you can use it when it stops being a rainy day.
  2. You can acquire one of the three scarecrow heads (see the scarecrow heads section of the article) to ensure that the following day the crows aren't eating the fruit.
  3. You can use a pearl from one of the clams on the beach as a replacement for a head. Placing it on a scarecrow will make it seem like the scarecrow has a head and stop the crows from eating the crops.

Regardless of which of the three options you choose, you'll need to wait a day to progress this quest any further.


Where to Get Scarecrow Heads


20220725235838 1


There are three heads scattered throughout the overworld. Two of these are present on the main island, and the other is located on the east island. The one on the east island is the easiest to acquire, as you won't need to complete any quests for it.


The Diva Head


20220725234458 1


To acquire the scarecrow head that the diva has, you'll need to give her the item she's asking for. Or rather, you'll need to provide her with the thing she'll ask for next.


The diva asks for three items in the same order, and every time you try to give her the one she asks for, she changes her mind. The order is a pearl, an emerald ring, and a honeycomb. So, if she asks for an emerald ring, give her a honeycomb; if she asks for a honeycomb, give her a pearl, and so on. If she is asking you for a pearl, make sure to try to give it to her so she asks for an emerald ring, as — to get her the ring — you need to have the merchant available and waste a gold coin.


The Dummy Head


20220725235941 1


Inside the town, there is a guard blocking the entrance. Although you can break in before completing his quest to move aside, this will only work to acquire the dodo feather (an essential item to get the rope, which we'll talk about later) and not get the dummy head. So, for now, we'll talk about making the guard move to the side.


To make the guard move, you'll first need to talk to the fisherman on the southwestern end of the main island to begin the quest to acquire the rope. After he asks for the dodo feather, speak to him again to prompt the captain to ask him how to get it, and the fisherman will tell him to get it from the chief. 


Now that you know who to get the dodo feather from, head on over to the guard and ask him for passage. After a long and complex conversation between the captain and the guard (consisting of almost eight images!), he will give you a love letter that you have to take to the artist. Once you do this, the artist will provide you with a love letter that you have to give to the guard, who will promptly move out of the way.


The East Island Head


20220726000142 1


To acquire the head located on the east island, you'll need to head (no pun intended) to the southernmost part of the east island. When you reach water, continue heading east until you find a climbable hill just before a slope that takes you further up the mountain. When you go down, you'll find a tadpole and a head. Leave the tadpole there (as it'll be easier to find him, and I'll reference this exact location once again, as I will be leaving him there for ease of access) and take the head to the farmer's field.


Finishing the Sail Quest


20220725234421 1



Once you have a blue fruit, take it to the area with the creatures, throw it near one and wait from a distance until they eat it. Once they do, pick it up promptly (as they will try to run away) and take it to the artist, who will then use it to fill in the blue paint and trade you the painted sail for it.


Afterwards, place the sail on your ship, and this marks the ending of the quest to acquire the sail.


How to Get the Wheel


20220725235149 1


To get the wheel, you'll need to ensure that the merchant is beside his cart, as he is (at the start of the game) arguing with the hermit.


To get the merchant back onto his cart, you'll need to trigger the quest of finding his and the blacksmith's tadpole. To do this, you'll need to go to the southernmost part of the east island where the scarecrow head is, pick him up, and deliver him to them. Once you do this, the merchant should stay beside his cart but still not give you access to the wheel.


When talking to him again, he'll talk about the hermit and how he has a lantern he wants. To get this, you'll need to speak to the hermit, and he'll ask you to stop the acolyte's bell, which is interrupting his meditation. To do this, all you need to do is grab the bell from the top of the church (just south of the hermit's location) and move it. I took it home because it's very pretty!


After doing this, the hermit will ask for one more item: Ice Brew. This next part is a bit tricky, as you'll need to interact with the tavern keeper's brewer. The first half of the Ice Brew is already prepared, so you'll only need to acquire the second (and harder) of the two: the ice flower. The ice flower is at the very top of the mountain, in the far northern part of the main island; to get there, you'll need to either open a door with a key located on the east island or manoeuvre around it (which will get you the achievement "Who Even Needs Keys"). It's far easier to open the door, but below I depicted both ways to do this.


Opening the Door


20220726001241 1


To open the door, you'll need to go to the northernmost part of the east island to acquire a purple crystal. Grab the crystal, take it to the mountain's entrance, and place it in the slot to open the doors; this will lock out the "Who Even Needs Keys" achievement on this run.


Who Even Needs Keys


20220726001430 1


To get the "Who Even Needs Keys" achievement (and skip getting the key from the east island), you'll need to go to the mountain with a mushroom in hand and head to the west part of the mountain until you reach a climbable bit. First, you'll need to climb this and throw the mushroom to the other side before you return near the entrance of the mountain; get a leaf and glide across the gap to where you threw the mushroom.


After reaching this area, gently put down the leaf, pick up the mushroom, and plant it on the dirt mound; this should make a giant mushroom grow in its place. Pick up the leaf, jump up the mushroom and glide to the other side; gliding won't be enough, however, so you'll need to use the leaf for a bit of an extra boost across by dropping the item and jumping on top of it.


After you've made it to the statue of the three wise frogs, make your way up the rest of the mountain until you reach the mountain top; here, you should be able to find the ice flower to finish the Ice Brew.


Finishing the Wheel Quest


20220725235430 1


Now, all you need to do is take the ice flower to the brewer in the tavern, place it inside, and wait a day for it to finish brewing. Once this is done, you'll be able to get the brew and take it to the hermit (along with drinking it yourself, which gives you a small speed boost!).


After this, the hermit will give you the lantern, which you can take to the merchant to give to him, and the merchant will provide you with his wheel in return; this marks the end of acquiring the wheel and fully unlocks the merchant to complete the “Three Wise Frogs” achievement.


How to Get the Rope

 20220725234829 1


The rope is located on the southwestern area of the map with the fisherman. You'll need to talk to the chief, who is blocked by a guard that doesn't let you cross. Above, in the "The Dummy Head" section of the article, we talk about how to move the guard out of his post by completing his quest with the artist. Here, we'll talk about breaking in to talk to the chief.


Breaking in is fairly simple; you'll need to go north on the main island, which will take you very high and just above the chief's location. When you reach this location, jump down, talk to the chief, and listen to his request; this was the first time I got stumped in the game.


To get the item the chief wants, you'll have to head to the east island and get a sunflower. If it's raining, the sunflowers should be blue and look drastically different, which is the item the chief wants. If it's clear skies, all you need to do is dip the sunflower into the water, and it'll change into what you need it to be. Once you have this, return to him, and he'll give you the dodo feather.


Return to the fisherman, and he should give you the rope, marking the end of getting the rope.


The Rudder


20220725235926 1


So, after you've completed the three items above, there will be one final one that you'll need to complete before you can fully finish Time on Frog Island, as the rudder will fall off after putting the last item on your ship.


To get the rudder, you'll need to talk to the blacksmith, who will ask you for an ore that's located on the easternmost part of the island. If you haven't assisted the carpenter, this cave will be hidden between plenty of trees, but you'll still be able to see it and access it. Grab the ore, take it to the blacksmith, and he should tell you to wait a day. Once you've waited for the next day, you should be able to claim your brand-new rudder, place it on your ship, and finish the game!



That’s it for Time on Frog Island’s full guide! Was I helpful? Where’d you get stuck that made you come here? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sebastianscaini - 03:44pm, 29th October 2022

Thanks for the guide! I don't think I would've gotten through the game without it.

Artura Dawn
Artura Dawn - 06:33am, 30th October 2022 Author

You are very welcome! I'm so happy to hear that this was useful! Where were you stuck?

Cat - 08:50am, 6th December 2022

Where to find strawberries? 

LittleFurnace - 09:13pm, 1st July 2023

I just gave the diva a diamond, seemed to do the trick.

Tom - 08:04pm, 26th July 2023

You don't even need ths Dummy head from the diva, you can use a bee hive a head for the scarcrow