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Time on Frog Island — The Three Wise Frogs Quest Guide

Time on Frog Island — The Three Wise Frogs Quest Guide

There is one of three ways you came across the No Evil questline: you either saw the giant statue near the mountain's peak, found the first statue that the merchant sells, or checked the achievements list. Regardless of which one it is, you are now pumped and excited to finish the quest, much like I was! Well, whether you're missing one or all, here is a guide to the location of the three wise frogs.

See No Evil

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The first and closest of the bunch is See No Evil. I found it by complete accident when I was messing around with the brewing machine and was trying to use an ice cube as an ingredient to create water.

As you might have guessed, based on the paragraph above, See No Evil is located in one of the countless ice cubes present in the mountain. In fact, it's located in the one just a platform above the ritual statue! Grab the ice cube, run down outside of the mountain, and wait for it to melt!

Hear No Evil

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Arguably the easiest to find of the bunch, Hear No Evil is sold by the merchant after you unlock his shopping cart. To do that, you'll first need to appease his quibbles with the hermit and give him the lamp. Once you do that, the Hear No Evil statue will be ready for purchase. Trade him an item for the gold coin, trade the gold coin for Hear No Evil, and voila!

Speak No Evil

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Speak No Evil is located on the east island. In the middle of the island, there is a pillar surrounded by four dirt mounds; fellow adventurers will have the burning desire to fill in these four dirt mounds with mushrooms, which will yield you the third and final statue, Speak No Evil. 

What now?

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Once you've acquired the three wise frogs, return to the original ritual site in the mountain and place them in the order of the proverb, which is also the way this guide was formatted: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". Once you do that, the ritual will be complete, you'll acquire the No Evil achievement, and you'll get a shiny red statue to decorate your home with!

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