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Time on Frog Island — Time Crunch Achievement

Time on Frog Island — Time Crunch Achievement

If you're looking to 100% Time on Frog Island, you'll need to complete the Time Crunch achievement. To get this, you'll have to finish the entire game in just under five in-game days. You'll also be sad to hear that if you want to have a perfect save file, your original one will no longer be able to get this achievement, and you'll need to restart from the beginning. On my numerous runs completing this, I managed to finish in just under 20 minutes.

So, how do you get the Time Crunch achievement, and which are the best things to focus on during each day leading up to the ending? We'll split this guide into each individual day for ease of access. Additionally, I'll be skipping going into too much depth depicting how to do some of the steps (such as breaking into the chief's barracks or entering the mountain using the "Who Even Needs Keys" method). If you don't know how to do any of these, consult my full guide detailing how to finish the game with step-by-step instructions!

Day 0

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Day 0 is easily the most important day of the run, as you'll want to complete some of the events before chaos befalls Frog Island. If you don't know, on the first day, everything is excellent, and none of the frogs are struggling, which is a perfect way to cause mayhem, steal plenty of items, and ensure you can finish as soon as possible.

The first thing you'll want to do is repair the ship with the planks located in the water; if you don't do this, the planks will be taken away to the fisherman's location. It's alright if you forget this, as you'll just have to go a bit out of your way to get these from the fisherman, so it won't be a dire situation.

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Totally fixed! Yup, 100%, it's sail-ready!

Next, you need to get your shrub from the artist, pick up the orange vial beside your spawn point, take it up the hill, put it down somewhere easy to reach, interact with the shrub, and then grab the vial and give it to the artist. Once that's over with, take the shrub to the ship and place it there.

These next two parts are the most important for Day 0, though missing them isn't catastrophic if it doesn't rain. You'll want to run to the farmer, grab a blueberry from his farm, and throw it on your campsite; we'll use this later, on Day 1.

20220731154954 1

Here, you can see a sailor fleeing from the crime scene!

After you've finished with that, you have an optional step depending on how fast you are:

  • Get the sunflower from the east island.
  • Dip it in the water.
  • Give it to the villager chief by breaking into the barracks.

Doing this will save you some time, but it isn't necessary, as this isn't a time-gated event, and you'll be able to accomplish this on Day 1 regardless.

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Finally, the last thing you need to do on Day 0 is to go to the mountaintop and take an Ice Flower to the tavern and start making an Ice Brew. The reason you'll want to do this early is that this will save you waiting an entire day to get the wheel. I usually get to the mountaintop by using the "Who Even Needs Keys" method, but you should have enough time to go to the east island to get the key if you skip giving the chief the wet sunflower for the time being.

Once you've done the above, your time will be running short, and night-time will be here. Go back to camp and rest up for the night. If you did everything correctly, this should mark the end of the most challenging day of the achievement.

Day 1

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Day 1 is longer than Day 0, so you should have plenty of time to complete the rest of the objectives without having to worry about night-time. Go to the artist and talk to him about getting the sail. This will be the start of the second (and final) quest with the artist, in which he'll ask you for a blue grub; this is why we needed the blueberry on Day 0. Get the blueberry from wherever you left it, head east to the grubs, feed one of them, and take them to the artist; he should then give you the sail, completing one of the three items we need to finish the game.

Next, you'll want to get the tadpup from the east island and give it to the merchant. Once you do that, the merchant will tell you that he'll trade with you if you get him the hermit's lamp. Get the Ice Brew from the tavern and take it to the top where the hermit is; although he won't receive it yet, you can safely place it down here to jump on top of the church to take the bell and disable the disturbance that bothers the hermit. After you do that, he'll ask you for an Ice Brew, which you should have ready thanks to going into the mountain on Day 0. Give him the brew, take the lantern to the merchant, and he'll trade you the cart wheel. Take the wheel to your ship.

20220731160114 1

From here, head to the easternmost point of the main island to get the ore and take it to the village; this is really to save some time, as it isn't necessary nor dire if you forget to do this. Head to the village, get the feather from the chief (take the wet sunflower to the chief if you didn't complete this step on Day 0) and take it to the fisherman on the east of the main island. After doing this, you'll have your third and final item for the ship; place it, and the rudder will break.

Run to the blacksmith (if you didn't get the ore earlier, grab that first) and ask him to make a new one. When he asks you for the ore, hand it over to him, and go to bed.

Day 2

20220731160216 1

This is the final day; all you need to do here is get the rudder from the blacksmith and place it on your ship. After this, you should be good to go, and with three days to spare, too!

KEEP IN MIND: If it's raining and you've done everything, just pass the day. Often (though, strangely enough, not always), it seems to rain on Day 2 and Day 3; if this happens to you, just sleep your sorrows away until Day 4 or Day 5 and sail away! 

And there you have it! How to complete the Time Crunch achievement in just a couple of days! Honestly, when I first saw the requirements for it, I thought it would be way harder than it ended up being. After I learned how to do this, I felt like I could properly call myself a pro!

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