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Top 10 Starbomb Songs

Top 10 Starbomb Songs

We here at GameGrin love videogames so much we even listen to music about them. What, you didn't know there were bands that focused on videogames? Of course there are! Since 2013, one band in particular has been bringing us the best and sometimes most offensive parody songs they can think of, and they will be completing the "try-force" this year with their third album expected to release April 2019. Never heard of Starbomb before? Well you have now! And in honour of their third studio album, here is our top 10 Starbomb songs so far:

starbomb Player2

10: Smash!

We start our countdown off with a pretty straight forward explanation of what Super Smash Bros. is as a game. Basically, Nintendo threw their mostly peaceful and fun-loving characters into a battle arena to fight to the death! Ok, maybe not fight to the death, but imagine being Mario, Pikachu, even Donkey Kong, and being told you now have to fight all of your friends to see who is the best. It's Mortal Kombat, Nintendo-style.

9: It's Dangerous to Go Alone

Most gamers know this phrase as it's from one of the most iconic franchises in gaming history, The Legend of Zelda. Now imagine if the old man in the cave was not entirely looking out for Link's wellbeing when he declared, "It's dangerous to go alone, take this!" Who's he looking out for then? You'll just have to let the dirty old man tell you for himself.

zelda dangerous

8: The New Pokérap 

As gamers, or as Pokémon fans, we know that new ones seem to pop up often, especially when we're not looking. Well Ash has been in the hospital for... problems... (see the song "I Choose You to Die") and he's missed a few since he's been recovering! Fortunately, Brock is there to help him catch up. Don't worry, they're all totally normal... totally normal.

7: The Simple Plot of Final Fantasy 7

Welcome to the talk show where games with simple plots get to discuss their stories! Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 has decided to join the show and tell the simple plot of his game. Just make sure you pay attention, we don't want you getting confused...

simpleplot Mgs

6: The Simple Plot of Metal Gear Solid

It's time for round 2, and Snake from Metal Gear Solid has decided to show up and ruin the show with his simple plot! Yeah, Metal Gear isn't confusing and convoluted at all, this is going to go great! Maybe, if we're lucky, round three can be ruined by Sora from Kingdom Hearts. That is, unless the host of the show has given up, changed his name and moved to an entirely different continent in order to never host the show ever again.

5: I Choose You to Die

Remember we referenced this one earlier? Well this is the story of how Ash ended up in the hospital in the first place! It's also the story of how Ash ended up in a bad situation. Consider this one a cautionary tale. Either keep weapons away from your Pokémon, or just make sure you treat 'em nicely, eh?

4: Crasher-Vania

This would have been my mom's number one, as Castlevania was our game series. But think about it, what if Dracula isn't actually doing anything bad? I mean, he can't always be trying to destroy things, right? What if he's just... having a get together with some other monsters, and that damn Belmont kid just keeps crashing the party.


3: The Hero of Rhyme

So Link is back, and this time he doesn't need an old man in a cave. Why? He has Navi! And she's just dubbed him the hero of rhyme, and Link totally didn't mishear her or anything. Things are not on fire and the whole village is not overrun with every creature Ganon can release, noooo. Link can totally win this with his rhyming skills alone, absolutely.

2: Regretroid

My favorite female protagonist in games gets her own song in this one, and Samus Aran from the Metroid series will put your ass in its place, along with anyone else's that needs it. She's not just a bounty hunter, she's a take no bull bounty hunter. Good luck if you cross her!

1: Luigi's Ballad

Normally in the Nintendo world, Mario is number one, but for this list, it's Luigi. The respectful brother of the pair, all he wants is a chance at romance with Princess Peach who might be sick of Mario's shit. Only issue is that Mario's still around, and he's more than happy to talk over his brother and ruin everything. Can't just play second fiddle to Luigi for even two and a half minutes, can you, Mario. Jeeze!


There are more songs where these ten came from, two whole albums even! Starbomb can be found on Google Music, Spoofy... I mean, Spotify, and iTunes as well as Egorapter's Youtube channel, aka Arin. Their third album, "The Try-Force", is slated for release 19th April, 2019. And if you can't wait that long for some great Starbomb content, you can always catch at least two out of the three band members on the Game Grumps YouTube channel in the meantime. Thanks, Danny, Arin, and Brian as well as their band, Tupperware Remix Party (TWRP), for making great music. Looking forward to more to come!

Comment down below and let us know what your favorite Starbomb song is!


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Acelister - 03:30pm, 18th March 2019

The best bit about Luigi's Ballad is that Rachel Bloom plays the part of Peach, and she is just fantastic.

*insert plug for Crazy Ex Girlfriend, final season on Netflix and some US TV channel now!*

ElisaDS - 07:23pm, 18th March 2019 Author

Haha that is fantasic! And I believe that US channel is The CW if anyone wanted to know ;)