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Top Five Tips for Online Gamers to Stay Safe AD

Top Five Tips for Online Gamers to Stay Safe

The gaming environment has changed unrecognizably over the past decade or so. What was once a largely solitary hobby favored by teenagers is today a social pastime enjoyed by almost everyone.

There is something for even the most sophisticated and mature adults, particularly in the online casino sector. A case in point is the latest developments in immersive roulette. This is a game so sophisticated that you could quite easily envisage James Bond playing it. The game draws you into the action like no other, and features a live dealer, multiple cameras and slow motion replays.

It is tempting to say that it is the next best thing to being in a land based casino, but in many ways, it is actually better. One of the big advantages of these innovative games from a player’s perspective is that the sites are using them to attract new customers. That means they are all trying to outdo each other when it comes to the size and generosity of their welcome bonuses, free spins and so on.

Of course, it is not all sunshine, and in this case the downside is that when anything becomes popular, it inevitably attracts its share of scammers and trouble makers trying to spoil it. Online security is something we all know a little about, but sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Here are five simple tips to help ensure you and your family stay safe while gaming online.

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1) Keep the hackers out

Gamers are particularly susceptible to malware attacks due to the regularity with which games issue patches and upgrades. Always look twice before you install anything to make 100 percent sure it is genuine. Also, keep your antivirus protection updated and make sure it is running regular scans.

2) Secure your game accounts

It might sound comical, but character and inventory theft has always been prevalent in gaming. Where virtual resources have a time and money cost, it is no laughing matter, and there has been debate as to whether it constitutes a criminal act that should be of interest to the police. You can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim by keeping your account secure, using a strong password and enabling two-factor authentication if it’s available.

3) Beware of fraudsters

In a physical game of poker, there is always the risk of coming up against someone who cheats, and the possibility also exists in the virtual world. If someone makes you an offer of cheap game upgrades or a shortcut to success that looks too good to be true, that is almost certainly exactly what it is. Walk away, and report them to the game admins.

4) Don’t engage with cyberbullies

Sadly, this is another problem that is perhaps even more of a risk online than in the real world. 99 percent of the time, the ability to chat with other gamers is an excellent thing, but there is always that small minority of knuckle draggers that can ruin it. The advantage of the online variety is they are easier to block than in real life, so just don’t get drawn in.

5) Never click unknown links

Finally, the old routine of phishing is a significant risk for gamers. The advice remains the same as it ever was. If you need to attend to your account, log onto it in the normal way, never by clicking on a link in an email.

Christian Schmidt

Christian Schmidt

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