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Utomik Review

Utomik Review

There are plenty of services that allow you to stream things, especially if you’re looking for TV shows. There are a growing number of videogame streaming services, and that’s exactly what Utomik is. There are currently almost 500 titles available on the service, with the latest publisher joining the ranks being Disney, with a host of Star Wars titles.

You don’t even need a fast internet connection, as once you have the client it will only download a portion of the game that you’ll need to get started, and more as required. They claim that you shouldn’t ever really need all of the game downloaded locally. Because of this download, you don’t have to worry about being kicked off if you leave the game paused for a while, since you won’t be clogging Utomik’s servers. You do, however, have to remain online and have the client open, otherwise your game will close.

The selection of titles available is quite varied, and I’ll admit to having wasted hours on a couple of them. You can play through the entire Red Faction franchise, all four Deponia’s, Darksiders, The Cave -- even Sonic CD! A whole bunch of genres from action to casual, even some hidden object games. The achievement hunters amongst you might be wondering why you would play these games through Utomik instead of waiting for a really big Steam sale -- well, Utomik has achievements as a coming feature.

utomik client

The client is easy to navigate, and allows you to uninstall any game you’ve installed through it. Each game page has the system requirements, so you can make sure that you can run a game before you start it downloading, as well as the game information, a blurb and usually a trailer. There are also related games along the bottom, so if you’re playing through one of the several Telltale series, you can find the next episode easily.

Utomik does what it says on the tin -- it allows you to stream games in a quick and easy way. It warns you if a game requires a larger than average download to start, so if you’re in the mood to play something right then and there you know not to choose those games.

It will cost you about as much as Netflix, so if you game more than you binge watch, then you will want to look into Utomik.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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Lori - 06:54pm, 16th May 2019

i just would like to see the price

SSD - 12:51am, 18th May 2019

It's a monthly cost of $6.99 for a single user and $9.99 for up to 4.