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What We're Playing: 14th–20th November

What We're Playing: 14th–20th November

Alana Dunitz, aka retrogamergirl

Andrew Duncan, aka Acelister

Anna Duncan, aka CraftyAK

Erin McAllister, aka Erinisfrustrated


Jason Taylor

Jon Wilson

Kyle Nutland, aka JK Ferret

Luke Greenfield, aka Sikopathic

Luz Victoria, aka Artura Dawn

Mike Crewe, aka MickSaveMOYF


Steve Greenfield

Kyle Nutland

Kyle Nutland

Head of Article Quality Assurance

Will always jump into a game on the hardest difficulty and get absolutely wrecked. Obviously, it’s never his fault.

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Platinum - 06:00pm, 25th November 2022

Rashers selection looks tame, best sort that out...

JK Ferret
JK Ferret - 09:30pm, 26th November 2022 Author

Everyone has an off day, he can't be playing all these risque games ALL the time! (: