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Days Gone—Action by Bend Studios.


Website https://bendstudio.com/games/days-gone
Developer Bend Studios
Platform PlayStation 4
Genres Action, Adventure, Survival Horror
Release Dates
22nd February 2019 PlayStation 4 — World Wide
Score 6/10

What Richard Shivdarsan thought:

6.00/10 6

“Regardless of how pretty the world of Days Gone is to look at, it’s a game that tried too much and truly suffered from it. The story drags on, the writing for characters is so inconsistent it becomes infuriating, the entire camp system adds more bloat to the game and nothing really feels as good as it should. The main selling point of the game, the hordes, don’t even truly matter until 30 hours into the already lengthy 40-hour game which alone is a huge misstep regardless of how enjoyable they may be when they finally appear. I know there is a solid 10 to 15-hour game within Days Gone, but there is too much unnecessary stuff that has been piled onto it that makes it a forgettable and unenjoyable experience.”

Version reviewed: PlayStation 4 Pro Read the full review