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BenQ W750 3D 720p DLP Projector Review

BenQ W750 3D 720p DLP Projector Review

BenQ has a decent range of monitors and projectors available to suit differing budgets. We’ve been looking at the W750, a 720p projector that also has the ability to display 3D content, such as movies and games.

Inside the box, we have the projector and a remote control, along with a VGA cable, power cable, quick-start guide and manual on a CD. No 3D glasses were included with the review unit (and aren’t included by default as they’re an optional extra, though they can be purchased separately) so I was unable to test it in that regard.

w750 benq angled

The projector looks smart, with a two-tone finish and a reasonably small footprint in terms of size. You can expect to get a decent screen size from the W750, as with only about a meter and a half’s throw, I was able to manage a projection size just shy of 47 inches. Unfortunately, because I had to angle the projector down, I lost some of that size due to keystone correction - which left a ‘grey’ unused area of projection on the screen.

Overall, the projector is quiet during operation, only really becoming noticeable during the quieter sections of whatever you’re watching/playing at the time. More notably though is the absolutely stunning picture that this projector provides for being “budget” priced. Colours were vibrant and deep, and the black levels produced gave a nice definition to the shadows in a scene, something that other cheaper-end projectors tend to struggle with. I did note a couple of areas where there was some visible banding, but these were limited to times where the action was fading to black from a scene that had quite a bit going on. I also found the images to be very crisp, with the zoom and focus features on the lens working in perfect harmony to deliver a clean display.

Impressive though, is the amount of connectivity available on the W750, with two HDMI in ports, component, mini USB, VGA, S-video and finally composite. There’s also a 3.5mm audio in jack available for when you’re using the projector with a PC - though I would recommend sourcing an alternative output for sound as the built in speaker edges towards the high-frequency sounds omitting most of the bass and sounding a little muddled at times. It’s fine for delivering a presentation, but for movies and games, you really need to invest into a dedicated audio setup.

w750 benq connections

I also spent a good chunk of time playing games with this projector to see what, if any, latency there was. The W750 churned through hours of playtime without even the slightest notion of input delay - so gamers will be happy to know that this model would be more than suitable for their setups.

The only gripe I really had, was that I could see the dreaded “rainbow effect” whilst I was using it. But this effect is visible more so to some people than others - and I only experienced it badly when there was a large contrast difference between two elements on screen. For the most part, i.e during gameplay and watching videos/movies, I rarely succumbed to the effect and it was never detrimental to the overall experience.


BenQ W750 3D 720p DLP Projector Review

In closing, the W750 is a really nice projector, in a small package that delivers 3D with a great picture quality. If you can live without having 1080p, then it’s hard to argue against. You can pick up the W750 for around £400 from various retailers.

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