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Bespoke Arcades Preview

Bespoke Arcades Preview

We can imagine that many gamers have whiled away countless hours playing their favourite games at the arcade. Many of those games are available for you to play on your PC or console too, but the feeling is never quite the same - part of the appeal is standing in front of the cabinet mashing the controller in an attempt to get onto the leaderboard.

Bespoke Arcades build high-quality arcade cabinets, filled to the rafters with various games from yesteryear. The units are a sight to behold and come in a range of different styles, to fit differing budgets and needs.

On display at the show, was a 'digital pinball table', which, as you may have guessed allows you to play a huge variety of different pinball tables with the experience of using a standard cabinet to play. There was still some work to be done on the unit we saw, but even at this early stage the unit looks and feels very impressive.

Given the vast range of units available, pricing varies substantially depending on what you’re after.

Find out more about Bespoke Arcades on their website.

Gadget Show Live 2015
Steven John Dawson

Steven John Dawson

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