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BraZen Serpent Gaming Chair Review

BraZen Serpent Gaming Chair Review

When I was first asked to review the BraZen Serpent Gaming Chair, I was initially skeptical. Being a PC gamer basically all my life, I’ve never had much thought for pedestal-style gaming chairs, with their smaller, stationary design being more suited for console gameplay. In spite of this, I decided that the new experience would give me a way to entertain myself over the christmas period, and I took in the Serpent with little to no expectations for it outside of ‘a small comfy chair’.

When I first obtained the chair, the first thing I noticed was its weight. Whilst it was quite heavy and I had a hard time maneuvering the box through the house, the BraZen Serpent is notably lighter when compared to other gaming chairs on the market, clocking in at approximately 20kg or 44lbs. Despite its low weight, the chair itself still offers ample support, being able to support a (recommended) max weight of 125-150kg, or 20-24st.

Upon unpacking the chair, it came in six pieces, plus a set of screws with an Allen key and instructions. Considering I can be a bit non-technical when it comes to constructing just about anything, I was able to fully construct the chair with no difficulty from the instructions. Parts are clearly labelled in the diagram, and the given steps are logical and easy to follow.

right image 9

Getting the chair powered on and hooked up to various devices also showed to be light work, and I was able to hook the chair up to my phone, TV and laptop. Through this time I was able to watch TV shows, listen to music, and play videogames, all from the comfort of the BraZen Serpent. The audio quality was astoundingly good, the option to boost the bass and volume were easily accessible, and the surround sound worked very effectively when sat in the chair.

Most importantly for a gaming chair, it was comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. I was sat in the BraZen Serpent for the better part of roughly three hours without any discomfort. The chair can rotate a full 360 degrees and can recline into a comfortable leaning back position with ease. The arms at the side can also be folded up out of the way if one so wishes. My only gripe with the chair was the inability to adjust the height, which wasn’t a personal problem for me, but someone who is shorter/taller than me (roughly 180cm/5’11”) may find the chair uncomfortable for long periods of time.


The BraZen Serpent has been on the market for over a year now and still sits as one of the more expensive chairs available, but given its high-quality comfort and sound, it’s more than worth the price tag. With the only downside really being difficulty in adjusting the chair, this would make a fantastic choice for those looking for high-quality comfort as they game.


BraZen Serpent Gaming Chair Review

With the only downside really being difficulty in adjusting the chair, this would make a fantastic choice for those looking for high-quality comfort as they game.

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