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OnePlus 2 Review

OnePlus 2 Review

I decided to buy the OnePlus 2 as I was really getting annoyed at my old phone (Samsung Galaxy 5) being very slow and having a lot of errors. I shopped around looking at what would be best for me, and tried the Motorola Moto X Play, but although I enjoyed reviewing it I didn't feel like it was the ideal phone for me.

So, I looked at the OnePlus phones and I was told that the OnePlus 2 dropped down a lot in price for a 64GB. I read up a little about it and I liked all that I could find, so I bought it. When it arrived I looked at the contents that were listed on the back of the box; OnePlus 2 phone, USB cable, power adapter, quick start guide and user guide.

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The disappointing part was that it doesn't come with a headset, which is always handy for when you need to use handsfree. I haven't had chance to properly test it, but I have played Futurama: Game of Drones, and after playing it for half an hour the battery life only dropped by 5%, which was a lot better then when I tried to play it on my old phone.

The way it felt in my hands was a little strange at first, it feels light and heavy at the same time. I think that's because the screen is heavy and the back is a light plastic. There are three buttons on the phone - one is for the power to turn it off, reboot or take a screenshot; the other two control the volume. There is an earphone socket, but like I mentioned above no headset so I might have to buy one myself. Last are the speakers - there are two at the very bottom of the phone for media and loudspeaker, and the normal earpiece one at the top. While playing a game or watching YouTube, only the one on the right is used, but when in a call using speakerphone you can hear through both speakers.

My favourite part about the phone is a little switch on the left hand side where you can flick it all the way up and it will put the phone on complete silence. When flicking it down once it then goes to priority interruptions - you can change what makes sounds, such as for events and reminders, calls or messages. If you flick the switch all the way down it then lets you have all notifications on, which means when you get emails, texts, calls they will all make a sound.


While talking about good things about the OnePlus 2, I’ve found that it doesn't heat up so that it feels like it's burning your pocket/hand. I also like the feature of being able to change the colour of the LED light depending on what notification you get. Mine are: purple for Global notifications, green for Battery full, red for Battery charging and orange for Battery low. I’m glad I can change them because I don't always have my phone on loud (when I can hear it).

Overall it's the perfect phone for me and I have no complaints about it, it's a must have if you want something different than what is out there.


OnePlus 2 Review

Overall it's the perfect phone for me and I have no complaints about it

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