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Philips PicoPix Preview

Philips PicoPix Preview

So, you've just rocked up to a friends house to play the latest couch multiplayer smash hit GoldenEye 007, only to realise they've got a 15” television, which makes hitting the one person who picks Oddjob even more difficult because he’s now only two pixels tall. Enter the PicoPix, a small, lightweight pocket projector that you can easily take with you wherever you go. Given the ability to project up to a 120” screen no longer will you have to squint at a tiny television!

With a built in MP4 media player, you can also plug in a USB stick and watch your TV shows and movies. But that’s not all! You can explain your “Ken Flowchart” presentation to anyone without the need to hook it up to a PC, as it will also read documents from the USB stick with it’s built in document viewer. It’s also affordable for the masses thanks to its £229.99 RRP.

Visit the Philips website for more information regarding the Philips PicoPix.

Gadget Show Live 2015
Steven John Dawson

Steven John Dawson

Staff Writer

When not getting knee deep in lines of code behind the scenes, you'll find him shaving milliseconds off lap times in Forza.

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Rasher - 09:50pm, 13th April 2015

Is this HD? whats the native resolution?


djdawsonuk - 09:13am, 14th April 2015 Author

The one pictured has a native resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, so it's not HD unfortunately. However, it is "HD Ready" - in that it can take a HD stream and downscale it to it's native resolution instead.