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SICANOS RGB Gaming Mouse Review

SICANOS RGB Gaming Mouse Review

When it comes to PC gaming it’s fair to say that the most important part of your setup is the mouse. Having a mouse that feels good to hold, good to use, and never lets you down is key and it can be a pain finding one that ticks all the boxes. That’s why when giving the chance to try out the new SICANOS RGB gaming mouse from Speedlink I was rather excited.

Out of the box the SICANOS is a solid mouse that feels good in your hand. The overall build quality is very high while the weight of the mouse is next to nothing. Coming with four interchangeable side panels, you’ll be able to tailor the mouse to best fit your hand and preferred grip method. Want a streamlined design over somewhere to rest your finger? you can do that. Changing the panels is effortless and takes seconds meaning you won’t have to worry about any screws or other complex mechanics here.


On the mouse you will find a total of seven ergonomically placed buttons all of which are fully programmable with support for macros. Everything has a robust ‘click’ to it as well which echoes the build quality once more. Being an RGB mouse you will also find that the scroll wheel, logo, and two side bars all light up and can be customized to match the colour of your gaming setup. Personally, I went for pink with different colours for each DPI preset I had set up.

Speaking of DPI, the SICANOS has support for up to six different DPI settings at the press of a button, allowing for fast switching. Maybe you want a higher DPI for playing first-person shooters but a lower one for general use. Well, you can and setting it up is as easy as using the mouse. Once more you can even adjust the colour of the lighting to change depending on the selected DPI. This can be useful for providing a quick reference point for you, should you not be sure if you switched or not.


From a different point of view, the SICANOS though not mainly intended to combat wrist fatigue ends up being a comfortable mouse for long session use. Its design and weight means that even those who might already have discomfort can rest assured knowing that it will be easy-going on their wrist. Of course, to completely avoid long term damage and pain a vertical mouse and regular breaks are recommended but for gaming sessions, this is a surprisingly pain free experience.

During my time with the SICANOS I found it to be a highly responsive and reliable gaming mouse that worked in all situations. It kept up during high precision first-person shooter gameplay, provided comfortable use during audio editing, and glided through general use. All while providing a robust and comfortable user experience, complete with pink lighting. It’s fair to say then that the SICANO is one of the best mice you’ll find on the market today. With plenty of options to tailor the mouse to fit your needs and a price point that won’t break the bank I can’t recommend this enough. And yes, the light does other colours than just pink.


SICANOS RGB Gaming Mouse Review

With high precision, solid build quality, and plenty of options to customise the mouse to fit your needs, the SICANOS is a brilliant piece of hardware.

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