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Piczle Lines DX Review

Piczle Lines DX Review

I won’t lie when I say that at first glance I was unsure if Piczle Lines DX would be a title that I’d enjoy. Jump forward a few hours and I’m still playing this cute title and completing puzzles. Now this isn’t your normal puzzle game and is in fact one that is more relaxing and visually appealing than most yet will still test your logic skills. 

Piczle Lines DX comes packed with a lot of content including a story mode, trophies and unlockable extras. The goal with this game is to complete puzzles to reveal the image that it is hiding. This is done by drawing lines between different parts of the grid. The only rule is that each line must be a set length as marked by the number on the starting blocks. Colours need to match as well so for example, a yellow five needs to connect to another yellow five block with a line that is five spaces long. Gameplay is that simple in Piczle Lines DX and it quickly becomes addictive and therapeutic. 

Each of the puzzles, and there are plenty to play for free with others available for a small price, are engaging. The puzzles slowly ramp up in difficulty meaning you are introduced to the harder logic tests at a steady pace. If you want to up the challenge and test your skills more you can play in puzzle mode. With each of the puzzles and there resulting pictures ranging from small grids to large ones the modular natural of Piczle Lines DX makes it very accessible.

 PiczleLinesDX 01

One of the only down points to the gameplay is that you need to drag around the grid to move your view. This can sometimes mean you draw lines without meaning to but you are able to quickly delete those mistakes. Alternately you can use a small mini map on the top right of the screen but it can be over sensitive. These are small bumps in an otherwise elegant touch controls scheme. 

Where Piczle Lines DX stands strong is in it’s presentation. There is a impressive level of detail and polish to be found throughout the game. From the colourful and fun graphics and characters to the smooth transitions through the titles menus. As it comes with a story mode, complete with cute cutscenes, there is a reason to smile when just looking at Piczle Lines DX. This continues to the sound design in the game as well and though the looping music might be annoying for some. I couldn’t help but hum along with it even after a good few hours of time with the title.

If you are looking for a fun puzzle game that will not only test your logic skills but also make you smile then look no further than Piczle Lines DX. Offering a complete package with a reasonable pricing model for more levels you can’t go wrong here. With good design and smooth performance throughout this game will be a good addition to any phone.

8.00/10 8

Piczle Lines DX (Reviewed on iOS)

This game is great, with minimal or no negatives.

Piczle Lines DX is a complete package. With good design and smooth performance throughout this game will be a good addition to any phone.

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