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10 New Games in October with NVIDIA DLSS

DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is a temporal image upscale technology developed by Nvidia that works in real-time in select video games. It upscales lower-resolution images using deep learning, and it is going to support 10 new games in October, including newly released Back 4 Blood.

According to the announcement, Back 4 Blood is expected to receive a boost in performance of up to 46%, although these aren’t the most impressive numbers Nvidia is giving us, saying that Baldur’s Gate 3 will be up to 88% faster.

But, can it run Crysis? That’s right, the meme might die out on the 15th of October with the launch of the remastered trilogy that will also release with NVIDIA DLSS and Ray Tracing. All three Crysis games will be receiving love from these technologies, with enhanced textures, models, lighting and environments. Let’s hope that DLSS will prevent the meme from returning from the grave.

NVIDIA’s not done giving hell, however. Two Tomb Raider games are getting looked at, with Rise of the Tomb Raider receiving a brand new NVIDIA DLSS, with a boost of up to 75% in performance. While Shadow of the Tomb Raider—one of the earliest RTX games adding ray-traced shadows and NVIDIA DLSS 1.0 in early 2019—will be updated on the 18th of October with the latest version of NVIDIA DLSS. Claiming that it will enhance its performance to more than double at 4K, with max setting and ray tracing enabled.

Chivalry 2 will be receiving its NVIDIA DLSS update on the 26th of October, boosting the game’s performance by up to 46%. You can check the video above for a comparison between DLSS on and off for a sneak peak at how it will perform on not only the game, but others too.

Sword and Fairy 7. This game will launch on the 21st of October with NVIDIA DLSS and Ray Tracing, with a video featuring how it will look with the settings enabled that looks absolutely gorgeous.

On the 14th of October, Swords of Legends Online will receive an update to their DLSS to the latest edition, which should deliver a performance boost of up to 60%.

F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch is out now with DLSS and Ray Tracing, accelerating performance by a staggering 3x. NVIDIA released an article going in depth about the performance boost, Ray Tracing, and NVIDIA Reflex.

And last, but certainly not least, the Alan Wake Remaster—launched earlier this month on the 5th of October—received the NVIDIA DLSS treatment for an increase in speed of up to double the speed.

NVIDIA reassures us at the end of the article that this isn’t the end. With “many more to come this year” and honestly, we couldn’t be more excited.

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

Staff Writer

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